Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Approaching Snow Storm

The seven of us are having loads of fun. Seven Goldens makes for a wild house. My three cousins will be here until Saturday, so we have a lot of playing to get done. Sadie and Junior are joining in the fun and we are running and playing like never before.

We are all ready for the second snow storm, the last one was a wimp of a storm. We barely had enough snow to run and play in. Three or four inches is "wimp snow". But the weatherman says that the one tonight and tomorrow will be a real storm. The snow blower came out of the shed, the snow shovels came out, even the winter boots showed up.

Best of all, we gathered all the toys in the yard, brought them in so we could find them to take them back out again. A "snow dog" who posted a reply on our blog asking what was wrong with snow? Nothing is wrong with it, but our outdoor privileges are limited as the house keeper does not like wet dog drip everywhere.

The chauffeur is worried he may get into trouble tomorrow with the snow storm coming in. Sadie, Junior and Piper all have an early morning Vet appointment over in the foothills, that is where the snow gets deep. Sadie has to have her stitches removed, Junior needs his physical so he can go be certified healthy to go to a new home when one is found and Piper needs her blood test to see if her med's are stable. We may get to spend a lot of time in the car, sitting on the highway behind the traffic.

Today the squirrels are busy gathering all the food they can, that makes them easy targets to chase. A squirrel with a nut or apple in his mouth can not run as fast as usual. All of us are enjoying the last decent day to chase squirrels.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Being from Yellowstone Park we know all about snow storms and traffic, Except our traffic is usually a Moose Jam or a herd of Wapiti that thinks they own the road. Tell the chauffeur not to worry...take his time and bring an emergency kit of toys, treats and warm blankets (to rip if things get boring). I would come with you as a weight for the car (I weigh 120 pounds) but I live too far. Well, have a safe and uneventful drive and come home with good news!
    Frankie D. Tankie Freddie spaghetti and Molly Mc Butters.

  2. Hey ya! If there is too much snow happening over there, please send some west, ok? Would love to play in the stuff NOW! Wish I had all the pals around like you do right now!!!
    We are getting a WIND ADVISORY here...probably the storm heading your way...

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. Having 7 puppies in one house scares me! I hope the snow waits until AFTER the vet visit to come!

  4. I've just left another of my Kholwoorado pals' blogs...

    I'm going to pretend I'm there with woo!

    I've had rain/mist/rain all day - I did my best Princess Rainkhloudsponge fur a while befur dinner!

    Best of lukhk to woo!

    A "Snow Dog"

  5. Mom and Dad have a (mostly) empty room for me so that when I come back from playing in the snow I can go 'defrost' in that room, and not get every other room in the house (and the blankets on the bed) soaking wet. But Mom hasn't cleaned off the bed in the Defrost Room yet, so I've just been leaving clumps of snow all over the house!

    *kissey face*

  6. Holey moley, the snow is just a comin' everywheres we is readin' taday! Stay warm you's guys☺

  7. Just to let you guys know were thinking of you and hope that you are safely home by this time and warm in your pijeenas (Polish for doggie feather decker beds) or playing in the snow. Hoping all went well and everyone got a clean bill of health. I am sure The Golden's Angel is sitting on the Chauffeur's shoulder today.
    Frankie, Freddie and Butters

  8. Hey Mogley,
    So what's so unusual about 7 Goldens? 1 Homer, 2 Jubal, 3 J.E.B., 4 Sophie, 5 Shlby Belle, 6 Jack, 7 Radar = 7 Goldens. Now all you need is 1 Yello Lab (like Abby) and 2 Landseer Newfoundland Dogs (like Max & Shiloh) to fill out the pack like we have. Let us know if y'all have any success with the squirrel chases. OBTW: be stuck IN traffic is whole lot better than being stuck BY traffic; be careful and stay safe.
    - TBH&K