Sunday, October 18, 2009

Foster Parent training

My chauffeur took off today to attend a class on "How to be a foster parent". It took him most of the afternon to attend it. I told him I could save him some money, save him a trip and save him five hours of time.

All he had to do is listen to my critique of his parenting style. Their shortcomings in the foster parent department are mostly in the area of treats and toys, trips to the dog park, a shortage of indoor heated swim pools for the winter, and he is far too mean to us. I am sure they will teach him that dogs deserve to sleep on the big bed, not beside it. When roast beef is cooking, we like ours rare. We also need to have a refrigerator magnet with the number of the SPCA hot line on it just in case. We can take off all of those emergency numbers that we never use anyway, I mean that 911 thing is so lame.

He came home and announced that he does appreciate us more. He said there were people from many rescue organizations in attendance. He said some of the problems other people have with other breeds make him appreciate the sensitive, mellow Golden Retrievers even more. When they talked about discipline methods, he was expecting them to say that when your Golden cringes when you tell him "No", you are too loud. Instead he says there are some breeds that apparently don't listen when they are told no. They discussed real discipline, withholding our treats, not allowing us to watch Animal Planet, or even worse. In our Golden world, most of the time one or two stern "No" commands will correct even a new dogs behaviour.

He did not admit that they taught him to give us more freedom to jump on furniture and sleep on the big bed. He served us dry dog food for dinner again this evening, the roast beef was not in sight. But I am sure that we will see the changes shortly. unless he slept through the class. I will look for that hot line number for the SPCA, just in case.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Your dad sounds like a great guy! Maybe you should take him outside for a nap on the grass next time you go!

  2. If you need the number for the SPCA, I can give it to you - I keep it handy for those night when Mom and Dad eat steak and I get kibble.... (I have no complaints on the big dog bed front, though - I pretty much get to choose my spot, as long as I am not sleeping on my 18 year old miniature poodle sister, or my 20 year old Maine Coon cat brother).

    *kissey face*

  3. If he slept through the class, make him take it over again. He needs to learn who's boss. Expect the rare roast beef momentarily. Or after the next class.

  4. Hey Mogley,
    We kinda agree with you, BUT when we read Ms. carol's newsletters about all the homeless goldens in the shelters we don't feel as bad about the minor shortcomings our peeps have concerning treats and food and places to sleep. Except for The Newfs and radar, we don't have to sleep in crates like the shelter dogs. We all get individual attention when we ask and often even when we don't ask. Sure, we have to get in line for lots of stuff but there are lots of us. We think you and bella, and junior and Sadie have it pretty special being with peeps that care as much as yours do. keep fighting for improvements, but count your blessings; we do.
    - TBH&K