Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sadie and Junior

Sadie (Left) and Junior watch Bella and I chase a ball. They each have their ball on the ground in front of them, waiting for the Treat Vending Machine to put down the camera and throw the balls.

If you have ever dreamed of throwing two balls at once and having both of them returned, then Sadie and Junior can answer your dreams. If you have two feet and you would like to adopt a dog but you are worried that one foot might get cold if you have only one dog to lie at your feet, these two can help you by keeping both feet warm.

Sadie and Junior are two of the best guests we have had in our home. When Bella and I bark at the front door, Sadie and Junior stand quietly and watch as we greet the visitors. When I fetch the paper in the morning, Junior and Sadie watch, they don't even try to run out the door. They are well housebroken and they don't even tear up toys.

Bella and I have decided that they are are setting unreasonable standards of behaviour in the house, Bella and I are wild and boisterous. Sadie and Junior are calm and quiet. That is a bad precedent to have in our home. If we don't get them adopted out quickly the resident chauffeur may decide that Bella and I should behave also.

Yesterday Sadie and Junior were separated for a time. Sadie actually became more lively by herself. Around Junior she tends to slink around or hide, acting very shy. Without Junior, she played a little with Bella and I, she came out of her shell a little. Now they have to decide if they should be adopted together or separately. More evaluation will have to be done to find out if Junior is accidentally intimidating or dominating her. Sadie went to the vet today, she has a small growth that needs to be looked at. She will be back this evening, just in time for the rain storm that is moving in.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley-
    Sometimes we have a REALLY REALLY well behaved foster come through our place and we try an corrupt them as soon as possible so the peeps don't trade us in.


  2. Paws khrossed fur all!

    We all need furever homes!


  3. I do hope they find a family together. I can't imagine that they would want to be apart after all this time.

    But then again, I'm a one dog at a time type of guy!

  4. Hi Mogley,

    Can you pass this on to Sadie and Jr pls. This is my first blog!

    Just wanted to tell you guys to hang in there...we got adopted together in April and we were 8 and 12!! You guys are certainly a beautiful pair and anyone would be lucky to have you make their family complete!

    My Human's highly recommend a double dose of golden goodness. Why we ( I am Frankie 8 yrs old and Freddie my lifetime buddy is 12) wouldnt be together if it wasnt for these crazy humans who just cant get enough of Golden antic's and snow white faces. Why settle for just a foot warmer when you can have a lap sitter too! As all our family members prior to us who wait at the bridge....Finnley and Fischer.....Butters and Chief all got adopted by these crazy humans as "couples"

    So, Double Down and adopt a Duo!

    Happy Trails

    Freddie, Frankie and Butters 13years old!(Molly Mc....Too many Molly's around..)

    Residents of the Golden Guys Retirement Lodge and Hospice Cody WY!

  5. Hey Mogley,
    Boy to we know where you're coming from with this good behavior crap. When Homer J. came to live here he wouldn't get on the furniture, sofa, easy chairs or the beds. He would sit down outside the door until INVITED inside. He didn't ven push to get in front of the peeps if they were going towards the door. He would sit when waiting for treats BEFORE being told to sit. It took the rest of us almost an entire year to square him away. Now dad has to push Homer over in order to get into the big bed at night. Homer goes in and out without invitation. He even shovels at mom for pats, sometimes while she's trying to eat. Homer J. has come a long way since he's been here but we have overcome all of that good behavior crap. Dad tries to rationalize that Homer may have lowered his standards some, but actually Homer made the rest of us raise ours. BULL HONKY.
    We hope that sadie is OK and that she doesn't have any serious problem. Although we hate to see a pair seperated, sometimes it's necessary in order to find them new furever loving homes.
    - TBH&K

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  7. I think Sadie and Junior should come to my house! We would have lots of fun!