Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Tracks!

Skiers brag about making "first tracks" in new snow. First tracks took place about 5:00 this morning, then again about 6:00, then 7:00, etc. It snowed most of the day so we had many chances to run in fresh powder. The snow is about hip high on most of us, the human says that is about 12-14 inches.

Share our fun with us through the pictures above. If you count only six dogs, you are right, Emma is missing in the photos, she was laying by the fire.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Looks like great fun, wish we were there no snow here it all missed us. We love snow we used to live in Silverthorne. Glad you all made it back from the vet safe and sound. Hope all the news was good.
    Make a few tracks for us!
    Freddie Frankie and Butters

  2. Hello Mogley and Crew - we have about 35-40 inches up here in Conifer...When the small Goldens go outside they are hard to find!

  3. Hi Guys, I see our friend Val posted and she got just a little more snow than you did.
    Have fun, remember to shake the snow from you feet when you come in.
    Tell Emma, our Dad says that is where he would be by the fire, reading.

    Hamish & Sophie

  4. Merdie and I hope woo are snoofing some fur us!


  5. Hope the chauffer did okay the other day. Looks like you are all home and safe and enjoying the snow now.

    When I look at all your snow I will make sure to tell my momma not to complain about driven dogs on the rescue train in rain during LA rush hour.


  6. What's all that about and we're happy that it isn't in our yard yet. Yes, it is fun but momma says that it is too early and we agree. You's guys really have a mess of that stuff.

  7. Love these photos! So pretty, and what fun :)

  8. I didn't realize there were so many of you. Great pictures!


  9. Looks like you're all having fun in the snow.

  10. that looks like so much fun! The closest thing to snow I get here is ice from the freezer. *pout*

  11. Wow! That looks like lots of fun! I have never seen snow - although I have played in something that looks like, my mom says it's called the beach....

  12. Hey Mogley,
    Let's see if we've got this straight; y'all were out in the cold wintery blizzard, hip deep in wet, cold snow and emma was laying inside by a cozy warm fire. What wrong with her? How could she pass up such an opportunity. did y'all make any doggie snow angels; J.E.B. practices everyday and gets to do it for real in snow maybe once in the Jan-Mar time span. You luck a buch of lucky dogs.
    - TBH&K