Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aspen, the Golden Lady

I have been writing about Bella II so often that Aspen had to remind me that she is still looking for a home as well.

The resident chauffeur came home last night with a bag of dog toys. Aspen, Bella II and I had pretty well demolished all of the toys in the toy chest. When Bella II cleaned out the toy chest and scattered it around the floor, the humans saw that most of the toys were just threads and scraps of material or pieces of rubber. We get to start all over again. Aspen decided since she was the Senior dog, she should test all of the new toys first, she grabbed them and took them to her place behind the couch.
Aspen wants us to remember that she is the "Senior Non-Commissioned Golden In Charge", or SNCGIC. I hate it when she pulls rank on us. Anyway, as you can tell, the new toys are now well tested. Each of us received a toy, Aspen ended up with them all. Aspen is not just an older golden, she is an active older girl, ready to help you dispose of any excess toys you might have. Help us find her a new home. All she asks is love, a soft bed, and shredable toys.
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. such a sweetheart face..kind of sweet/sad taking the toys behind the sofa all for herself

  2. Hey Mogley,
    That Aspen is a beautiful girl. We especially like the bottom picture of her; her face is adoreable. She sounds like Homer J., our senior GR to whom we differ on all matters; Homer is also a toy shredder. But she acts like Jubal who owns all toys. Mom and dad say that they're gonna label our toybox "All Toys belong To Jubal" he just lets the rest of us borrow them occassionally.
    - TBH&K

  3. Oh dear Aspen. You still have the puppy in you!

  4. Mogley you are so sweet to let the SNCGIC pull rank and supervise all of the toys! You are a gentleman :)

  5. Toy testing is the best. Paws crossed that Ms. Aspen finds a home that will provide her with heaps of toys.

  6. Hi,
    We did get a call from a volunteer who gave us an interview over the phone(on Thursday) and now are waiting for someone to come look at our home. Meanwhile we are looking and hoping to meet Aspen as she still seems perfect for us. I hope someone else doesn't get her before we have an opportunity to meet. Aspen shows us that Senior Dogs rule!!
    Here's to seeing Aspen!

  7. Aspen is beautiful, we're sure she has a heart of gold that will make someone very happy.