Monday, October 19, 2009

Foster Parent training, II

I can't help but make a few more comments on the "training for rescue foster parents" class that my humans attended. The class did not take the dogs point of view into account. Can you believe that they actually covered "how to introduce a new dog"? Apparently they don't like our method of shaking hands at the door and exchanging business cards. Maybe a homeless dog does not have business cards?

Then they discussed how to introduce cats and children to the new dog. This might be useful information, most cats don't shake hands and children never seem to have business cards.

They discussed how to evaluate a prospective home but they did not talk about the important points. No discussion about the quantity or quality of treats. No discussion as to the size and contents of the toy box. No test for the ability of the humans to throw tennis balls. No test to see if they understand how to give tummy rubs and tail bone scratches. What about the thickness of the dog bed? Some of those little skimpy pads they sell as "dog beds" should disqualify a home from ever having a dog. Bella and I have our own couch and chair, that should be the minimum standard for adoption.

Bella was disappointed, they discussed collars and leashes, styles and types, including the "control" collars. She asked if they talked about colors of collars and how to match the highlight in her hair. It turns out that was not covered either.

The human felt good about the class, but I think it was a waste. Perhaps some of my blogging friends could help to write a class outline from a dogs viewpoint? If you have suggestions, let me know.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Oh sweet Bella! I think ANY color collar would look perfect on you!

  2. Hey Mogley,
    Well, you make a lot of good points about the treats and beds. There should also be a rule that no prospective adopting home can have two Maine Coon cats that are as big as the dog to be adopted. All cats really should be declawed before dogs can live in the same residence; that level playing field thing. Dogs should not have to suffer the indignity of big Maine Coon cats drinking from the same water bowl as us dogs, nor should they be allowed to sample our kibble occassionally as they often do now. There are a billion other things that really need to be considered and evidently are NOT covered in the current GRRR fostering class. You need to fix that ASAP before the rescues out east here start borrow from GRRR.
    - TBH&K