Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bella II, and Aspen

Below, Bella II and I wrestle for a ball. I caught it but she wants to fetch it.

Bella II had a fun evening last night. Her former family came by to visit with her and to make sure she was being well cared for. They even took her for a ride. When she came back she was feeling pretty frisky, she had more attention than we had.
Bella II is coming along very well. She is about ready to begin looking for a new home. She says that she wants a home with very active people. She wants to lead an active life, hiking, running and playing. She would like a large back yard, she has a lot of energy and without space to run she will get bored very soon. Lots of toys, she likes to play with "stuffies" and rope toys. She wants someone with a good throwing arm and a good supply of tennis balls will be necessary. She has proven to be a very good retriever, she retrieves and drops as fast as you can throw them. She needs a home that will give her good training. She learns so fast and is so smart that it would be a shame to waste a good student on a home that won't work with her.
Don't forget a big, soft dog bed. Just because she is an athlete does not mean she does not like her comfort as well. She is in rescue because her home had low fences and she learned to get out easily, because of zoning, they could not put up higher fences. Six foot fences will be a necessity for her safety.
Aspen is the easy girl to re-home. She just wants a home with a soft dog bed, a few toys to chew and lots of hands to pet her. Several nights ago when the raccoon was in the yard, I and Bella were out chasing the raccoon from tree to tree. Aspen watched us and went back to bed. She says that chasing raccoons is for young dogs, she will take a leisurely stroll and a lot of love and affection. Several people have expressed interest in her and we hope she finds her forever home soon. She is really a sweet, well behaved and mellow lady. Even when we told Aspen that the raccoon had come in the dog door and eaten a lot of our dog food, she did not even get upset. Bella and I got our revenge on that raccoon, we chased it back to the park.
Aspen spends her days laying under the feet of the resident chauffeur as he works on the computer all day long. She says that she would like a human with longer arms, she would like to be petted more and she has to sit up to get attention.
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Good luck Bella. I have a feeling you'll be with your new home soon!

  2. Love those tennis ball pics...Bella is the ultimate retriever:)

  3. Hi Mogley! Not sure we've been by to visit (after Golden Honey)...
    Mom loved your post today. That's too bad about the low fences at Bella II's former home! She sounds like a fun pal!!!! (how old is BellaII?) Aspen too, looks like a gem!!

    Come by for a visit if you like:

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose and her mom

  4. Hey Mogley,
    It would be nice to get Bella II and Aspen both settled in new warm and toasty furever homs before the snow starts to pile up. We're sure that something will work it self out for both of them. How are you and Bella I doing these days? We have cool mornings and evenings but warm days. That'll only last another month or so.
    - TBH&K

  5. Mogley-
    You are wonderful ambassador dog. Sharing your peeps to other pups is very important.
    Aspen and Bella II both sound like great girls.
    Paws crossed they find the perfect home soon.