Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Chapter in the book of rescues

There are so many different reasons that homeless dogs come into the rescue system. Each dog has it's own story and each family has its own reasons. None of the reasons are good, but some are harder to cope with than others.

The chauffeur here spends a lot of time on week ends on a motorcycle, riding the mountain roads of the Colorado Rockies. Our home has been involved in many motorcycle clubs over the years, I even get to go to some of the meetings when the weather is bad and the 4 wheel cages are used to get to the meetings. There has been talk about getting a side car so I can ride along in nice weather, my ears flopping in the breeze, an idea I am pushing strongly.

We received a call this evening asking if we had room for two orphans. A fatal motorcycle accident North of Denver left two wonderful Golden's homeless. The rider's sister lives in an apartment and can not keep them. Arrangements have been made to pick them up tomorrow afternoon and bring them back to our home to foster. Lucy is 6 and Buddy is 13 years old. Right now we just know that they need a home, some care and some love. Lucy likes toys, so a good supply will be available for them. That is all we know, that and their owner was a fellow rider.

We will let you know more about them after we pick them up and have a chance to get acquainted. Cross your paws for them and remember them in your prayers tonight.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. It's always sad when a furry loses a good home, but it's good these dogs have somewhere to go and folks to help them.

  2. Mom and I have been hitting the blogs all day -

    It has been khwite an emotional one -

    And now this -

    I'm so happy Lucy and Buddy have somewhere to go - things have to be hard on them now -

    Please send them some Siberian love from me!


  3. That is so sad :( We look forward to meeting Lucy and Buddy. I hope you get your sidecar Mogley...

  4. You are always in our prayers especially at this sad time....All paws crossed. Bless you for all your compassion, understanding, and love for Lucy and Buddy.
    Freddie, Frankie Molly

  5. And it's especially sad as the puppies won't know what happened to their peoples...

  6. Hey Mogley,
    That is a sad situation. You guys were there when needed. We're glad another family member was able to take in Lucy and Buddy. It will be a difficult adjustment for a 13 year old to suddenly loose his caregivers.
    - TBH&K