Sunday, November 8, 2009

From Seven to Four

Seven Golden friends gather at the front door to say good by to our three cousins. The photo above is Juniors favorite, it shows him looking at the camera and Sadie looking away. The photo below is the one that Sadie wanted me to post, it shows her looking this way, but I and Junior are looking away.
The reason they have been here so long is that the floors in their home were being refinished and the snow kept the workers from working for a couple of days. Then it had to have a week to dry before it could be walked on. Finally on Saturday morning they were allowed to go home again. We had a rousing send off for them, we ran and ran in the back yard, then we all gathered at the front door for a group photo before they left. After they left, there was just the four Golden's at home.

Don't tell our cousins that after they left Saturday morning, we had one of the best days of our lives. It was "Clean out the Refrigerator Day". Boy did we get some treats. While the floor was wet and they could not walk on it, the refrigerator was out of bounds at their house. Everyone ate out a lot and they brought home those white boxes of goodies and put them in our refrigerator, then forgot them. We got to lick the platters clean. I liked the box from the steak house best. The Chinese take-out was OK, but it had too many vegetables mixed in. Still it sure beats that dry stuff we normally have. It was special because we are never allowed table scraps. I think we should have a new calendar with at least one "Clean out the Refrigerator Day" per week.

Next week Junior has an appointment to get his teeth fixed. Sadie has already warned him that although seeing the doggy dentist was not good, he will get canned food for a while when he comes home. Once the vet visits are over for Sadie and Junior they can begin looking for a new home in earnest. Several people are waiting to see them.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. What grrreat pikhs!

    Yum: Woo have me drooling ovFUR this khlean out the frig thing!

    I do love veggies so the oriental would have been dandy by me!

    Good lukhk with the dentist appt - hope it leads to a pawesome furever home!


  2. We are so glad you had such a good time.
    Maybe someday you can have your floors done and go over to their house.

    Hamish & Sophie

  3. You are all so beautiful, and we are happy you got to enjoy fridge cleaning day :)

  4. The only things I get out of the white boxes are carrots!

    I'll have to show this post to the tall guy!

  5. This fridge cleaning thing sounds great, I should bring it up to resident human. Yum Yum... If we get our floors done, I know which way we are headed!!
    Frankie Freddie and Molly

  6. Mom cleaned out the refrigerator, yesterday. I agree, that always makes a good day!!!!

  7. Hey Mogley,
    How about we propose to Congress that we have a National Holiday called "Clean Out the Refrigetrator Thanksgiving Day." It sound as though your cuzins got gipped since they were indirectly the source of your bonanza but they didn't strike pay dirt like youse guys. Chineese food probably didn't hurt juniors teeth.
    - TBH&K