Thursday, November 19, 2009

Play Date!

My three cousins, Emma, Molly and Piper were dropped off this morning, real early. Their family has long meetings today and won't be home for a long time today. In order to give them some access to exercise and fresh air, they left them to play. Did we have fun, starting almost before sun up and going all day long. Emma is missing from our play pictures because she checked out the snow left on the grass, then went back in the house where she curled up on the couch. Below, Molly tries to take my toy away.
We had to take several rest breaks, then we took off again.

We took a few minutes off from playing to chase a squirrel that was up this tree.

It has been a fun day and we hope that our three cousins drop by again soon.
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Snow and grass? How do you do that?
    Great pictures - it looks like everyone is having fun!

  2. I LOVE your blog! It's great to read about the antics of Goldens and the efforts to rescue them!! We share our home with 8 rescued Goldens, and a (rescued) Wheaten Terrier--What a great life, huh?
    :-) -Kim-

  3. OMD!

    I khan't decide which pikhk is my favourite....

    I know: the LAST one!

    Khyra & my visiting khousin Merdie

  4. Hey Mogley,
    Looks like a fun day all around. Boy, the Emma is gonna give Goldens a bad wrap as being fireplace dogs. Squirrel chasing is a GReat sport even around here.
    - TBH&K