Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snowy Sunday

Another big storm moved in after a week of warm weather, leaving a yard covered in 6" of new snow. To keep us entertained we were given several new toys that play songs and squeak. The score so far, Golden Retrievers, 3, Toys, 0. The toy that played music was a hit with Bella, she would carry it around and talk to it when it played songs. It no longer plays music, but it is still intact. The stretchy toy made it less than 10 minutes (that is over three hours in dog years) before it was reduced to bits and pieces on the floor.

Our weather here is nothing compared to the heavy rain that our friends on the East Coast have been living through. We hope they dry out soon.

The picture below recently appeared on our front door. We are insulted, we see it as an implication that we are not providing the expected level of security.

We are proving that we do offer a very high level of home security. We woke everyone up twice last night, barking at the front door. Bella is now sleeping on the couch in the front glass porch where she can see everything that goes on in the neighborhood. We will continue providing a higher level of security and awareness, similar to the "Threat Level Red" that Homeland Security posts so often. The resident Chauffeur says that if Homeland Security had a "Threat Level Golden", it would mean that everyone should sit in their recliner in front of the fireplace, feet up, and enjoy the football games on TV. The resident Chauffeur says it proves that our bark is worse than our bite. I should put the bite on him and show him the difference between a bite and a bark. Bella and I will make sure he pays a price for insulting us, about two hours of sleep per night should be a reasonable price.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Our Mom & Dad love the "Threat Level Golden", what a wonderful world that would be.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Please do not give Jack any new ideas! :)
    We have enough barking when anyone comes to the door now! :)

  3. Khousin Merdie is good fur THAT level of sekhurity!



  4. If the Broncos keep playing like they are the Threat Level Golden will have to be elevated just keep the our chauffeur from "barking" loudly at the TV during a game!!
    Freddie Frankie and Molly

  5. Mogley:
    It sounds like your humans are well protected whether they know it or not. I've long resigned myself to being underestimated by my owner and now I often say that to be underestimated is to remain free.

  6. Hey Mogley,
    You should be insulted. We Goldens and Abby, she's a yellow lab you know, provide the security notification required once anyone makes it to the front door area. But prior to getting there, most "guests" have already encountered Max and Shiloh, the two Landseers outside in there pen. They look like two Holsteins 'cept they have really big dog barks and look like the pen fence would be an insignificant obstacle to them. Our peeps could also post that same sign in our front yard but haven't yet done so. Y'all just make sure that you teach any appropriate lesson that is needed around your house.
    - TBH&K

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