Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grass and Snow

One of my readers asked how, in the last post we can have green grass and snow to play in at the same time? We decided to post this picture to show more of the yard. To the left, beyond the photo, is an area that is bordered by large pine trees on the South. With the sun low in the winter, that side of the yard is in the shadows all winter and snow piles up. On the right side of the yard, the lawn is open and the sun hits it as soon as it comes up, melting the snow and keeping the grass green and growing most of the winter. In Denver, it can snow one day and be 50-70 degrees the next, melting the snow where the sun hits. Along the fence, the fence holds in the heat from the sun and the sun is quite warm, even on the coldest winter day. The squirrel likes this side of the yard as the garden is also clear and there were sunflowers all along the fence in the garden in the summer, the seeds drop and the squirrel spends the winter harvesting them. So we can have the best of both worlds, the green grass and the snow to play in.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Snow
    Muddy paws
    Muddy paws


    Tank woo fur more of the pakhk of khuties!

    Khyra & Merdie

  2. It was Jack! :)

    Thank you for the explanation! I think I'm more amazed that you have green grass with puppies than the snow. My grass WAS green until Jack got through with it! :)

  3. We were visiting Sierra Rose and thought we'd drop by and visit you. We enjoyed the visit. Sasha & I were both rescued too. I was saved from a high kill shelter and was only about an hour from the big D. Scary!!! Maybe you can visit us sometime. Hope you don't mind if we drop by from time to time.
    Wags & Woofs
    Ernie & Sashja

  4. Golden in snow is one of the most beautiful things in the world:)

  5. Great pics!!! There's nothing better than grass AND snow!!!

    lotsa licks,

  6. Dear Mogley ,
    You do know how to have fun!!

  7. GRASS! What's grass. Snow we see maybe once or twice a year and it doesn't usually stick around more than a day or two unless it's a lot and then we get a week to play. What we are really good with is rain and our paddock dirt mixed together to make a substance that can be picked up by our feets and redistributed throughout the house to give it that lived in look. Mom calls it muck or mud or something like that.
    - TBH&K