Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday update

Several things are taking place at the home of the Gold.   Aspen is staying with us a few days.   Her family suffered a death of a sister and had to leave for a funeral.   Aspen does not like attending funerals, so she is staying with us while her family attends to their duties.   She is doing so well at her forever home that she is looking better than ever, more active and more alert.  She is getting daily  vitamin supplements and good food.  They did not drop off her bed this time, but we have plenty of beds in the house.   Aspen is one of the first to go to sleep at night, so she gets her pick.

Meanwhile we have an appointment to introduce Daisy to two possible forever homes.   She will meet one family later today (weather permitting).  Then on Sunday, Abby and Daisy both will meet another family, if Daisy is still with us.  Abby and Daisy are such a wonderful house guests that we are not looking forward to them leaving.    We bet that by Sunday evening both Daisy and Abby will be with their forever homes.    Starting Sunday evening we have a week of madness.    No, it is not the "Final Four" in our back yard, it is our three cousins (Emma, Piper and Molly) coming in to spend a week with us.   Their family has a trip to New York City planned, it is spring break and our (exchange student) sister deserves a visit to New York before she goes home to Denmark at the end of the school year. 

While our blogs have been sparse, we have been busy with all of the good stuff, like finding Forever Homes for Daisy and Abby.   We have been holding them back, waiting for some very special homes.  They are such special ladies that we want special homes for them.  

The house keeper is coming in today on a mercy mission.   "Mercy Me", look at all the dog hair.  With four of us beginning to shed already, it is hard to tell what color the carpet is supposed to be.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Best of luck to Daisy on finding her new home. Here's sending her all the best wishes.

    If you need some more dog hair, I've got plenty! And it seems to be a never-ending supply! :)

  2. What a GReat weekend it should be!

    As fur the kharpet issue, if woo want to liven things up a bit, I'll gladly send some of mine!


  3. It sounds like you have a house full of goldens! How wonderful!

    We are sorry though to hear of Aspen's family's loss.