Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our New Foster "Daisy"!

Below, Abby (left), Daisy (front) Bella and Mogley as we wait for our morning treats.

We are welcoming Daisy to the rescue pack.   Last night we had a call from Rescue Central.  One of the foster moms had broken an arm and she needed to move Daisy out until she could function again.   The bi-peds sprang into action, if springing into action can be defined as strolling out to the car, and they picked up Daisy.   Daisy is a Daisy.   She is well named.
We will take some more photos today, then help her with her resume for the adoption web site.  So far we know that she is 6 years old, beautiful, energetic, well behaved, cat friendly (Black cat says that Daisy passed the nose-to-nose test) and an all around great Golden.   She was in and out of the dog door within an hour of arriving.  She has a history of having seizures, she gets a little medication each morning in her food.   She has not had a seizure since she arrived at GRRR. 

Daisy will be an active member of the Wild Bunch.    She proved that early this morning when she decided that the water on the top of the swimming pool cover was better than no water at all.   She jumped in, then panicked a little when she discovered the bottom was soft, she could not stand up on it, but the water was not deep enough to swim in.   She was fished out and dried off, but she smells like a wet dog now, when she arrived she smelled like a clean dog.    With her adventurous ways and her high activity level, she is constantly on the go, we are appointing her our Official Activity Director.  Daisy, welcome to the Wild Bunch.  

Meanwhile, Abby watched Daisy have "fun" in the water, she wanted part of the action as well.   The bi-peds had to lock the dog door to keep Abby inside and dry, every time she got out she wanted to jump in and test the water herself. 

The bi-ped keeps lists and diaries of things that he deems important.   He announced that Daisy is Foster number 45, if we count Baby, our accidental foster this last week end.  We should plan something special when our foster number 50 arrives.   He says he may celebrate by buying an industrial strength vacuum cleaner.    But do we celebrate when number 50 arrives or do we celebrate when number 50 is placed in their new Forever Homes? 

So goes another boreing day at the home of the Wild Bunch!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Welcome Daisy, What a great group you have joined.
    We think your celebration on the number of fosters should be when # 50 arrives.
    Fostering is such an important part of these wonderful Golden's getting forever homes we think it should be celebrated.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. 45? WOW, you are very special!!! I give you a 21 bark salute!

  3. "So goes another boreing day at the home of the Wild Bunch!"
    Pa-lize, Mogley, what is boring about your life and Bella's. Fosterlings, playdates, rescue lost Baby... We have only 7 acres to romp around in till mommie gets home from work.

    The Baumgaertner wild horde.
    Earnhardt, Lady, Sandy paws and Oliver.

  4. Merdie gives woo a swagger and a wave!

    Well done!

    What a pikhture Mom has in her mind of the FUN this morning!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  5. Hey Mogley and Bella,
    Give our welcome to Daisy. Your Abby is a half-pint just like our Abby. Are all Abbys like that? Business is booming out there in them there hills.
    - TBH&K

  6. What a sweety - and a typical Golden! Does she need a co-captain in her position as Official Activity Director? Sam will gladly lend a paw!


  7. Oh my gosh, 45 lives changed for the better - what an awesome thing :) So glad Daisy passed the nose to nose test, and is relaxed and happy with the Wild Bunch!