Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Update on Lady

We received an update from Lady.   Our readers will remember that Lady was adopted by a very nice family on a rural area outside of Denver.  She has 7 acres to run in, deer, bunnies and all kinds of things to chase and bark at.  She has two golden friends and one long-haired dachshund for friends and romping companions.  She is even allowed to climb on the couch and snuggle in laps.   She is happy, but she wanted some input from the readers on what happened immediately before and after the adoption process. 

While Lady was visiting the home to evaluate it as a possible new home, she was getting over 10 Treats per Hour (T/H).   She was also getting 20 Head Rubs per Hour (HR/H).    She also was given about 6 Tummy Rubs per Hour (TR/H).   After she and they made the commitment to adopt her, and she was left with them, she noticed that the  T/H, HR/H, and TR/H all fell off noticeably.   Understand, she is not complaining, she still gets to snuggle on the couch, bark at the deer, romp with her friends and she is greatly enjoying her new home.   But does the decline in T/H, HR/H, and TR/H constitute a "bait and switch"?   Should she stand up and bark her demands for a higher rate of T/H, HR/H, and TR/H?  Or should she just be happy with a new forever home that most of us would kill (figuratively speaking) to have?

What do our readers think?

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Furry interesting khwestion!

    I believe this khould be addressed in the adoption khontrakht -

    Said pup is free to khontakht MGR at anytime in the process should a mediator be rekhwired to khorrekht such B&S!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Lady, I think there could be a compromise...increases in the number of T/H's, HR/H's, and TR/H's - maybe halfway between the number now and the number the first day. Stand up and bark for more!!

  3. Hi Mogley;
    Tell Lady that she really needs to keep her girlish figure so she should back off on the 10 treats per hr.
    But as far as the TR are concerned, just do what we do, be sure to lay on your back every time your human is near, a little whimpering never hurt.
    The HR are simple, whenever anyone is near by you walk up place year head under their hand or arm and push up. They will get the hint.
    But overall it sounds like you have a wonderful forever home and just think of all the poor Golden's and other dogs out there that do not have a forever home.
    We think you are pretty lucky to have lived with Mogley & Bella and now to have your own warm and cozy home.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  4. Mogley,
    Our mommie has 4 of us. Yes, we all got special belly rubs at first, but then we became family and now we share the T/H's, HR/H's, and TR/H's. At first mommie had to assure us that we were wanted and loved, but now we know. Back off on the barking, give mommie a break and cuddle up to her when she is tired.

    The Baumgaertner wilde horde
    Sandy Paws

  5. Lady, you raise an excellent question. I feel that all doggies can exercise the right to negotiate for more T/H, HR/H, and TR/H. I also think I might need to go live at Mogley's house, because 10 T/H sounds like the correct ratio to me. Therefore I will be having a similar conversation with my humans because they are falling short. Good luck sweet girl! Love, Farley

  6. Clearly, mediation is required in order to increase the attention quotient. Need to contact the Golden Union Labor Party (GULP) for assistance.