Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rescue Update

Above, Abby with one of her favorite tennis balls, one of some 35 favorite tennis balls to be exact!

Our last post was about Baby, our accidental rescue.   Usually when we are involved in a rescue we are just a step on the stairs, the heavy lifting is done by the Golden Retriever Rescue folks who do the work, we just enjoy having a foster as a guest in our home.    So we owe you an update on what else has been taking place.

On Saturday we had an appointment for Abby and Saidy to meet with a possible new family.   Saidy was the foster that was staying with our cousins, Emma, Molly and Piper.   Saturday afternoon Saidy and Abby went head to head for the one opening for a new forever home.  Abby played the boisterous game, barking, chasing her tennis ball and showing that she may be old, but she is not slow.  Saidy played her game of being a quiet and very easy going 3 year old.    Saidy won.   Saturday afternoon Abby returned home, defeated.    Abby said she does not regret losing, she thinks that home would have been too calm and peaceful for her.   Besides being younger, Saidy had the advantage of being a long haired, cream colored golden who look so warm and fluffy.  Abby is still looking for her perfect home, she will keep her standards high and she will not settle for just a warm home and a bone, she wants lots of love, lots of attention and lots of excitement. 

Then we received the following update on Angel, our Golden/Doodle foster.    We are so happy she has a great home. 
Hi Рjust wanted to give you an update on Angel (we changed her name to Chloè). She and Clyde are doing great together and we are really enjoying her sweet personality. She is a perfect fit into our family and another GRRR dog has found their forever home! YAY!!

Thank you both so much,

Darla, Bob, Clyde and Chloè
Thats all for now.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Poor Abby. However, I'm sure you will find her a forever home soon Mogley.

  2. Hi Mogley;
    Tell Abby, patience is a virture and she will find her forever home very soon.
    We are so happy to hear the good news about Angel (Chloe') and also that Saidy has her forever home.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  3. Congratulations Saidy - and hang in there Abby. Picking the right humans to adopt can be a hard job.

  4. Don't worry sweet Abby girl. This just means a little more time with Mogley and his wonderful bi-peds. Your forever home will be here soon, we can feel it!

  5. My pals The Herd have pawed it khorrekhtly!

    Good things khome to those that wait!

    Thanks fur the update on Angel/Chloe' too)!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  6. Hey Mogley,
    You guys sure have been busy; Bravo-Zulu. It's GReat the Saidy found a happy furever home and so will Abby. She'll just get to play with y'all a bit longer and that seems to be working out well. Happy St. Patrick's day guy, maybe you'll get some green beer.
    - TBH&K

  7. Just found your site. It's a great thing you guys are doing and I loved reading all about the successful placements and stories. Golden's are just so beautiful.

  8. Old gold is the best, though! We wish you the best in finding her a home - we wish we were closer, we wouldn't have a problem giving her a forever home! She is such a sweetie and we love her playful side!