Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Over worked !

Above, I am bringing in the Sunday Morning Paper.   It is a big mouth full.    Isn't there a union or something that would negotiate an extra treat or two?   All I get is lots of attention and a few pets, sometimes a tummy rub, for all that work.    The bi-ped thinks that the term "working dogs" is a commandment instead of a catagory.  The bi-ped thinks he is the only one that works around here.    I keep the ducks out of the swimming pool, I protect the property from those dangerous squirrels.  I chase raccoons, foxes and coyotes.  I protect the koi in the pond from the Huron's that come fishing.   He can't hear the door bell over the TV, so I let him know when someone is at the door.   I tell him when the postman comes, when the garbage man picks up.   I let him know if anyone is walking their dog in the park.  On cold nights I warm their feet.  If the alarm does not go off in time (which seems to happen at least two days a week) I wake everyone up so they can enjoy the whole day.  I provide decorative golden hair to accent the couch and the carpet.  I even clean up all their spills on the kitchen floor.   I had to lick some sticky stuff off his beard.  I perform a very thorough "pre-wash" treatment on plates and bowls if left in reach.   I teach the foster dogs that come here where the dog door is, how to ignore the cat, how to wait patiently for treats and most importantly, which dog dish is mine.  I comfort the newcomers and make them feel welcome.   I even show them where the beds are, and which one is mine.  I even remind the tall one when it's exercise time and  when it's dinner time.  I chase after those tennis balls that he keeps throwing in the back lawn, if it was not for me, he would have to chase them himself.

I saw his "to do" list the other day, it only had three items on it, one of which contained the word "nap".  Compare that list to my long list above.  Who does the work around here?  How do we get more recognition for our hard work and heroic efforts?   Working dogs of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your leashes! 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley, You are one busy guy, we would love to have you at our house.
    We think it's time to sit down with your bi-ped and negotiate. I mean everyone else is getting stimulas packages so why not a hard working Golden.
    We would be happy to come over to arbitrate the situation.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Great jobS!

    I do think woo need to renegotiate your khontrakht!


  3. You are Most Definitely a working dog! I'm tired just reading everything that you do! I think my to-do list is more along the 'nap' lines... I would definitely demand more treats.

    *kissey face*

  4. AND you had to go out in the snow to get the paper! I hope they remember you next time they have an extra hamburger lying around!

  5. Oh Mogley, you poor overworked Golden. We root for you to get a break.

    The Baumgaertner wild horde.

  6. Mogley, hopefully the bi-peds will read your post. Sometimes they forget how much we do for them, and this gentle reminder will no doubt result in more treats! You really do excellent work :)

  7. You are extraordinarily helpful, much like myself!
    - Charlie

  8. Mog My Man - I think you need to hit the bi-ped up for a raise.
    'specially on the day you have to "pre-wash" the dishes, that is very taxing on a dog.

  9. Sounds like you are one busy doggy! We hope you find time to squeeze in a nap or three between chores.

  10. Mogley, you are definately the busiest golden we know! We are going to have to check on Sam's to do list to see that he isn't overworking himself!