Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

It was an exciting weekend.    Daisy has a new forever home and she is happy to be able to settle down with a loving family.    On Saturday a couple stopped by to meet both Daisy and Abby.   Daisy ended up out-loving Abby.   Abby wants to play and run after balls.   On a leash, Abby lets her enthusiasm show and she is hard to direct, Daisy shows her loving self and just stays close by when walking.  Daisy just wants to snuggle.   Daisy should become a commission sales person at a used car lot, she did a wonderful job of selling herself.   With five goldens in the house, Daisy would not let anyone else near her new family once they came through the door.  She claimed them for her own.  Abby was not sure she wanted to leave the madness of the house full of goldens, so she played hard to get.   Daisy spent Saturday night with us while arrangements were made with Rescue Central to take her home with them.

Sunday morning we had a meeting arranged with another possible home all the way across town at Rescue Central.   Both Daisy and Abby went to the meeting, although Daisy was spoken for.   Abby met the family, they were nice, they had one golden and two Huskies.  Abby went into her "Hyper-Abby" mode, and spent the whole time barking and playing hard to get.   Abby says that she has no intent of being adopted, she is quite happy with the family she has today.   We try to explain to her that this is a foster home and she has to move on to her forever home.   Her reply is "Make Me".  Abby came home, un-adopted.   We decided that she has bad memories about the rescue, that is where she was surrendered and where she lost her family, so in her mind it is a bad place.    She goes crazy when she gets near it, she begins barking more than a mile down the road.   Abby is going to have to meet her prospective new families at our home where she is quiet and happy. 

While we were waiting for Abby to meet her possible family, everyone was making over Daisy, much to her delight.  While petting her, one of the humans noticed that Daisy had a tick on her head.   It was not in deep and was removed without damage, but not being embedded means it was acquired somewhere close and recent.   It does serve as a warning that tick season has arrived.   Now we have to check the yard to make sure no other ticks are lurking in the orchard or are hidden in the dog hair.   
Shortly after arriving back home we had the big surprise of the day.   Our Cousins arrived!    They will be here a week.   Now there are eight goldens to run and play.    Emma, Molly and Piper came to stay while their family takes spring break.   How much trouble can eight Goldens get into?   Stay tuned and find out. 

But eight goldens only lasted a few hours, shortly after they arrived, Daisy's new family came to claim her and take her home, forever.   She was very determined to go with them, she protected her new family from all comers, she would not allow other dogs near her new family.   She made her choice, it is a good thing the humans went along with it, otherwise there would have been trouble in the golden home. 

All in all, it was a good weekend.   We have more guests and we are now "Chaos Central", Daisy has a new home, and Abby has established the rules under which she will go to a new home.   Abby will meet her prospects at a location other than Rescue Central in the future.   

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. What a weekend, we tired just reading about it.
    We are happy Daisy is now in her forever home and we are sure their is a match made in heaven for Abby.
    Hope you guys have fun with all your cousins, and try not to drive your bi-ped crazy.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. You are truly Golden Angels! Bless your hearts, and keep up the good work. I am sure Abby will find her forever home with your help.

  3. 8 puppies!! You're a better person than I am! :)

  4. Mogley, this sounds like Madhouse a la card. Keep the news coming, we are getting kind of bored with only the 4 of us, 2 cats and nice warm weather.

    The Baumgaertner wild horde.

  5. This Abby is khwite khlever!

    Khongrats to Daisy!

    How khool she was sooooo taken with her furever folks!

    As fur a home with TWO of me AND a GR........! ! !


  6. Yippee for Daisy.
    Abby hang in there the right peeps will come along - don't settle.
    Thanks for all you do.

  7. Good for Daisy! We wish her and her new family many happy years together! Abby will come around - she is enjoying herself now, but she will want a family too soon!


  8. 8 Goldens?!!! Yikes, bet there was some shenanigans there this weekend:) Congrats to Daisy and Abby just knows she's got a good thing going on:)

  9. Abby, I would probably do whatever I could to stay at Mogley's house too. Don't worry girl, we know that some family you are introduced to will smell just right, and you might pick them for your forever home.