Friday, March 26, 2010

Yoga Lessons from Daisy

Hi, Daisy here.   There has been a lot of gossip around here about my sleeping positions.   I wanted to set the record straight on exactly what is happening.    I am a Yoga Master.  I have been trying to demonstrate my Yoga positions to the rest of the family in order to help bring peace and harmony to the house.   I have not been able to instruct Mogley and Bella, they can assume the positions, but then they fall asleep.   Abby and Aspen are able to grasp the nuances of proper relaxation and have helped me resume my efforts to teach Yoga to the masses.  Above is a photo of "Golden Rest" which is a very good position for beginning Yoga fans to use to get into the correct frame of mind and to relax before attempting some of the more difficult positions.  Below, the classic "Passive Tennis Ball Point".   This position is used to help the mind learn to reject outside distractions, such as tennis balls. 

I will try and give you more "Golden Yoga" instructions in the future.   In the meantime, practice these positions and see if you do not find more peace, harmony and relaxation.    If you have some favorite Yoga positions I hope you will share them on your blog. 

Daisy Mae


  1. Daisy Mae; My sister Sophie would like to meet you, she sleeps and rests in the strangest positions..
    One is very similar to your "Passive Tennis Ball Point" except she will lay with her back two legs up against a side wall or couch or whatever is handy.
    Now me, I just sleep in the old "Golden Rest" position.You know how us guys are, we just kinda plop.
    We are sorry that Aspens family had to attend a funeral but it's good to know she is with you and your able to keep her in the loops as to the goings on in your house.
    You do such a good job Fostering, we hope that Daisy & Abby find their forever homes real soon, but we can sure understand how you would not want Daisy & Abby to leave.
    Have fun with all your cousins, don't worry about the dog hair we just consider it an additional condiment at our house.


  2. Actually, that wouldn't be a bad book. I like the title 'Golden Yoga'!

  3. Daisy, we are so impressed. The only one that does yoga around here is our Black Lab brother, the rest of us are Goldens -- Lab and mix. We are sure Mogley and Bella would like to learn.

    The Baumgaertner wild horde.

  4. Passive Tennis Ball Point looks like a most complex move, though we do like the upside down twisty position and do it a lot.

  5. Daisy, you are such a good girl working to share techniques of peace and harmony :) I myself will begin practicing the Tennis Ball Point - I feel it looks most relaxing! Love, Farley

  6. Sam is a master at the Golden Rest. We will have to watch for others!


  7. hey daisy, can i sign up for classes?;)