Friday, February 8, 2008

Ferocious Golden Retrievers

Brian came by with Emma, Molly and Piper, my three Golden cousins, all five of us went down to the park for a run in the big open area. Boy is that a lot of fun, we ran and ran and ran. Emma, Molly and Piper have not been in the big park very often so they had to drag their leashes just in case. Everyone was on their good behavior. We sniffed in the bushes and in the long grass. The wind was blowing hard and it was only 38 degrees, just right for some serious running by a pack of ferocious Golden Retrievers, loose in the park. Bella is in front, hoping the photographer has a treat.

My human says there are no grizzly bears or moose in the park, he told us to watch out for coyotes and deer. There are some ducks and geese in the marshes, a few doves, rabbits, and pheasants in the tall grass. It was great sniffing.

When my human was looking the other way for a moment, I took Piper down and showed her where the marsh was, we went for a wade in the muddy water. We had fun, but the humans spoiled it by yelling at us to get out of the mud. They don’t let us have any fun.

Before they took us home they wiped us down with a towel to get some of the mud off. When I got home I ended up with a bath again. This is getting monotonous. I work hard to make myself smell good, they give me a bath with that smelly stuff and make me smell like a sissy again. I tried to tell my human that it will be hard for me to scare off a coyote when I smell like chocolate candy or a lilac bush. I will growl at the coyote, go into my “threat posture”, he will take one sniff and roll on his back in laughter. How embarrassing!

Mogley G. Retriever

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