Monday, February 25, 2008

Spa Day

Mud baths are good for your health. Don’t take my word for it; look at what one health spa advertisement claims: "Have you ever wondered why some people enjoy taking a mud bath? The reason is simple; it is an incredibly relaxing experience. It’s a warm soothing experience that allows a person to let the tension out by doing nothing more than enjoying the warmth melt away the stress. "

A health spa will charge thousands of dollars to do what a golden retriever can do with just a little water and some dirt. Take a look at the pictures showing how we golden’s like to spend our day at the spa. First (top photo) Bella and I went in for a good mud pack. Then three new friends joined us, Hogan, Holly and Bobbi Woodworth. We had to go find a bigger mud hole (middle photo) to accommodate a pack of five wild and ferocious retrievers. We found another mud bath nearby and applied a second layer of soothing mud. Notice the picture of Bobbi shaking herself (last photo). You can tell it's Bobbi because she has no tail to shake. It may be hard to believe, but there is a golden retriever under all of that mud!

Mud is good for your coats, it makes them nice and black, cools us off, and gives us that special scent that tells others “these dogs are special; they have been to the spa!” My human should be happy; we do not smell like dogs anymore. Humans always complain when we smell like dogs, what do they expect us to smell like? Skunks? We don’t even smell like wet dogs. We smell like mud. Gooey, messy, black, sticky, mud!

Then our dream of beautful mud baths is ruined, we are toweled off before we are allowed into the car. When we get home we have to go straight to the shower room where we are hosed down, soaped up and we end up smelling like lilacs and lavender. We smell like sissy dogs again.

But for a few minutes it was heavenly. Don’t tell the human, but we remember where that mud was and we will find it again! We could hold a Golden Retriever Club reunion at the mud hole, call it a Golden Spa Day!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley-
    Nice to make your acquaintance. Woof Woof! Our names are Benson and Gibson and we are Golden Retriever brothers who LOVE THE MUD and DIRT and it drives our Mom and Dad crazy. Boy we get wiped down after every walk.

    Our Mom writes our blog but we get to talk every once in awhile. You sure sound like a lucky dog to us! We hope you are happy now (the ones who come from such humble beginnings are the best ones our Mom tells us!)

    Benson and Gibson

  2. Hi Mogley!

    That spa looks pawsome! The mud is so good for your skin too, BOL!