Friday, February 29, 2008

Five Minute Toys!

The store was having a sale on close-out Christmas toys in the dog department. When the bag with the toys came in the door I grabbed one toy out of the bag before the human could even set it down. Thinking it would keep me busy while he brought the rest of the purchases in, he left me alone with it. First Bella and I had a couple of quick sets of tug-o-war. The tug-o-war opened up several seams, it took me less than one minute to pull the stuffing out and find the squeaker to remove. I met my human at the door, he had the last bag of groceries in his hand, and I had the remains of the toy in my mouth.

My human called the store; they said there was no extended warranty available on the dog toys. The store manager said the store guarantee was only a five minute warranty on the toys, my human explained that the toy had not lasted five minutes from the time he got it home, the store replied that the five minutes covered by the warranty began from the time the toy was rung up on the register. Apparently the store manager has seen golden retrievers at work.

They just don’t make toys like they used to.

Mogley G. Retriever

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