Saturday, February 2, 2008

Forever Home!

Saturday was a very special day. The humans’ daughter and son in law came by with Piper, their foster golden. They loaded me up and we went for a ride, leaving Bella at home which is highly unusual. First we stopped by a veterinarian’s office to pick up a prescription for Piper, she has something called Addisons disease. Then we drove on to the Sage Valley Pet Center, the home of Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, GRRR. I said hello to Mary, then I met many new rescue friends. Several people were visiting GRRR to meet some homeless goldens that need a new home. Mary said there are currently 13 homeless goldens at her home and 5 more in the kennels plus a large number in foster homes where they are evaluated and in some cases taught their manners or recover from health problems. Piper and I got to meet several people that were there to meet available dogs and see if they bond. One lucky dog went home with a very nice human; it took a long time for her to select which lucky golden got to go to a forever home. Mary says that it takes time to make sure the human/dog match is a good match and that a new home will be a forever home. Mary has many years of experience in evaluating humans and finding the ideal dog for them. My humans wanted to take all of the needy dogs home; they all are so friendly, so beautiful and so lonely.

We went into the building where Mary showed my humans how to treat my ear infection, my humans were treating it but they were too careful and were not cleaning my ear out well enough. I got some water in my ear when they gave me my bath last week; they need to be more careful and dry my ear.

Then came the very best part, we filled out paper work making me an official “forever dog”. I am no longer a foster dog living at a foster home; I am a part of the family, forever. Piper filled out her forever papers, it was very exciting for both of us. We are officially adopted, forever.

They made four donations to GRRR, two in the name of a relative that was getting married. The relative had asked that instead of gifts, donations be made to a pet shelter or charity. A gift was made in their name to the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, my alma mater, and a gift was made to recognise Piper and me as adopted, forever dogs.

It was heartbreaking to leave behind six beautiful golden retrievers standing by the door waiting for the next human to come meet them in hopes they can coax their way into a forever home. They try to behave, they act as nice as they can, they play, wag, wiggle and lick the humans, but only one can go home each time. There are always more dogs coming in after being abandoned than there are humans coming in to adopt. Visit your local rescue to meet the best dogs in the world.

So many dogs, so few homes!

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