Sunday, February 3, 2008

I write this blog!

I overheard someone ask my human if he wrote my blog for me, apparently they doubted my writing skills which made me very angry and insulted, until he replied.

“No, Mogley writes his own blog, every day, in every way, and in everything he does” he replied.

My name is Mogley, and I write this blog when I fetch my leash to beg for a walk in the park or when I ride in the car, my head out of the window, ears flapping in the breeze. I write this blog when my human is engrossed in a TV program and I have to fill up his chair with toys and balls before he notices me and agrees to play. I write this blog when I run around the house with my favorite squeaky toy, squeaking like a banshee, telling the world what a joy it is to be a dog, filled with life and energy. I write this blog when I come running into the house covered with snow and rub up against my human so he will pet me, his hand recoils when he reaches out and finds I am covered in cold. I write this blog when I help trim trees by bringing a large branch into the house, having pulled it from the orchard, across the lawn and through two dog doors. I write this blog when I get a new toy, Bella and I each want it so a game of tug-o-war breaks out, we each end up with ½ the toy and the floor is littered with stuffing. I write this blog when Bella and I fight and wrestle, knocking each other to the floor, making more noise than a pack of grizzly bears attacking a moose, and when we greet friends at the door, with wiggles, wags, licks and yaps of happiness, showing our unbridled joy at being the first to welcome a guest. I write this blog when I pick up Mini Cat and carry her around in my mouth, humans are shocked and tell me to put her down but Mini Cat does not even mind. I write this blog when I burst through the dog door at full speed to catch a squirrel in the back yard just as the cat is trying to come in the dog door and the cat goes flying. I write this blog when we both lay on our backs beside the chair waiting patiently for the human to notice that Bella and I need a tummy rub. I write this blog when the delivery person visits, I jump up into the UPS truck and refuse to come out. I write this blog when my happy tail knocks everything off the coffee table onto the floor, my tail keeping time to the happy music on the radio. I write this blog in the middle of the night when I am sitting beside the bed, my head stretched out across the bed to assure the humans that I am keeping watch while they sleep, and all is well!

There are humans that keep their dog in a run in the back yard, never making it a part of the family, they will still doubt that dogs can blog; to them a dog is something to feed and clean up after. For those of you that share your homes, hearts and lives with a dog, you know the intelligence of a dog and you will know the truth. You will know that a Golden Retriever can provide more than just the material for a blog, they can write the blog itself;

My name is Mogley, and I write this blog!
Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. Mogley,

    I love the duck. I had one just like it. I say had because after I ate both wings off and left them as 'surprises' in the back yard that boy I live with threw him away. Aren't they just great?

    Max the Golden Retriever