Sunday, January 13, 2008

Better Homes and Dogs

Each month Bella and I feature a different decorating tip for our doggy friends in Better Homes and Dogs. This month we feature the Golden Retriever in it’s natural habitat. As you can see, Bella and I have decorated the family room (our den) so that it offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. Christmas is over, Bella and I helped take down the decorations and we flattened them for easy storage. If you look closely you will see that Santa has lost a lot of weight. The white stuffing on the floor coordinates well with the snow outdoors, the empty toy carcasses shows that the residents are well fed and adjusted. The tug toys promote regular exercise and help to keep us in shape for those long walks on warm winter days. The dog bed beside the chair promises many ear scratches and head pats. When it comes to dog friendly decorating advice, "eat your heart out, Martha".

The result is a home that our doggy friends will feel right at home in. While any dog could enjoy the cozy decor, the addition of the duck makes it special for retrievers. We are submitting the photo to National Geographic in case they want to do a feature story on a pack of wild, ferocious Golden Retrievers and need an illustration of a typical den of Golden's in their natural habitat, the wilds of suburbia. The ability of a Golden to adapt to life in a warm heated home is truly one of the great survival stories of our natural world and a true testament to the law of the "survival of the fittest". The difference between wolves and Golden Retrievers is in the environment, you will never find a Golden spending the night in the snow or sleeping in a cave, wolves don't even eat from bowls, how barbaric!


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