Thursday, January 31, 2008

Goldens on Patrol!

The picture was taken as I make my regular rounds patrolling the back yard. I would have posted a better picture but my human won’t let me use the camera. They did not want me using the computer until they learned how carefully I type. They don’t want me to use the camera at all, I did try to use it when no one was looking, it is hard to hold the camera and push the button at the same time.

Humans must be very insecure because they expect me to patrol regularly. What can they be afraid of? I don’t know why humans expect me to run around the back yard and look for intruders, there is never anything worth chasing. Bella takes care of the squirrels, she tries to climb trees to catch them, but I have news for her, she can’t climb high enough to even worry them. Squirrels pose a very low risk to humans anyway, but they are fun to torment. The back yard opens onto a park with several paths, so I have lots of people to bark at, barking lets the human know I am on duty. I sleep beside the bed at night to keep them secure, even though their snoring keeps me awake. What can they be afraid of? It must be cats. They must be afraid that a cat will attack them in the middle of the night. Cats are sneaky and devious. I would not put it past them. Humans think cats purr, it is really a very low growl. The cats are quietly threatening people while sitting on peoples laps, they are evil. That is why I chase them when ever I get the chance, and no humans are watching!

Sleep tight tonight, your Golden Retriever is on guard!

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. Mogley,

    My name is Max, well actually, it's Sir Maxwell Jones of Falls River, but I go by Max for short.

    If you're ever in the neighborhood stop by. I've got some great stuff buried in the back yard we can dig up and play with... Hopefully, it will be raining when you come because my favorite time to dig in the backyard is when it's nice and muddy... Go Figure....

    My address is