Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dog Olympics

Several of you have asked me if there is any chance of getting car chasing, tennis ball retrieving or Frisbee catching recognized as an Olympic sport in time for the upcoming Olympic Games in China? One of you pointed out that you had read on the internet that the Chinese really love dogs. I am not sure you understood that quite right. They love dogs, but with sweet and sour sauce.

At first I thought you were being silly. Then Bella pointed out to me that humans have horses in the Olympics. They just sit on top of the horse and let the horse do all of the work and somehow they think that is an athletic event. That is much a sport as the Frisbee toss or the game of fetch with a tennis ball. Humans sit in one place and throw the object to be returned and then wait while the dog does all the work.

There is a chance we can get an Olympic berth since humans seem to enjoy watching others work. They could replace the Discus toss with a Frisbee throw and replace the Javelin throw with a good game of tennis ball fetch. It would be a lot safer, if a Frisbee hit someone it would not hurt as much as a Discus, a tennis ball is much safer than a javelin. They already have lots of used tennis balls at the event. We could combine some of the swimming events with the Frisbee throw and have a whole new series of Retriever Games. There would be a 100 yard freestyle duck retrieve. A 50 yard cat chase. It would be a win- win for dogs and humans. It would make the Olympic Games a lot safer and it would cut down on the stress humans incur in doing physical activity themselves. Based on my observations, cutting back on the activity level demanded of a human is something they welcome. My human has tried to teach me to operate the TV remote so he does not have to set down his beer when he wants to change channels.

I will do more checking and see how we get our sports recognized for the Olympics. Would my Greyhound readers want to replace the 100 yard dash contestants? Our Border Collie readers could dispense with the human rider and make herding horses an Olympic event. Olympic medals will go to the dogs!


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