Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dog Communication

Since my last blog post I have been thinking about the blog sites that have humans pretending to be dogs and writing fake dog-blogs. At first I could not explain why a human would pretend to be a dog, then it came to me; dogs are perfect, loved, obedient, attentive and man's best friend. Many humans are lonely, unappreciated and looking for a friend, so they pretend to be a dog on the internet hoping someone will love them. The dog impersonators are easy to recognize, they write using baby talk, they think dogs do not have command of the language. Understanding what humans say is easy; the difficulty is in understanding what they mean. Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years by listening carefully and watching closely to what humans are saying. We have also learned how to ignore what humans say, which is how we have survived as mans best friend for thousands of years. Who do you think taught husbands how to ignore their wives and children how to ignore their parents?

Humans think that speech is the only way to communicate. Today a human friend stopped by to visit. I sniffed carefully as I greeted them at the door. It took over an hour for the visitor to explain that they had been to the mall where they bumped into an old friend, visited two stores and shopped for several hours.

I knew all of that after the fourth sniff when they walked in the door, I also knew they had not bought any dog treats at the store, they had given their own dog a pat on the head before they left home, their old friend has not quit smoking yet, they had pop tarts for breakfast and spilled juice on their shirt (it was frozen orange juice). Using dog communication, the whole visit could have been finished in three minutes, or five sniffs, which ever came first. Proof positive that the nose works better than the mouth for communicating.


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