Sunday, January 27, 2008

Water Dogs are Muddy Dogs!

Humans can be so dumb at times. We are water dogs. Hello! That means we like the water. Today our human took Bella and I down to the dog area at Cherry Creek Park. Several square miles with swamps, prairie, woods, and lots of other dogs, all running off leash. He said he wanted to work with us on our hand signs and voice commands. We had fun running back and forth, smelling the deer tracks, the raccoon tracks and lots of dog trails. We ran and ran; we were good and hot even though it was a chilly winter day. Then we went to work, following commands just like the good dogs we are. Another Golden Retriever came out of the brush and the swamp, soaking wet and covered in mud. While our humans talked, Bella and I found the swamp. The human told us to stay dry, he called us back, but water calls more loudly than a human does. Bella and I just wanted to cool off, so we jumped into the swamp and had a swim. When he called us back we had to ignore him for several minutes or else we would have had no fun at all. What good is it to get in the water, get wet and muddy, then not be allowed to splash, play and enjoy it? He gave us the “bad dog” routine, lecturing us about running instead of responding when he called us back from the edge of the swamp. I would have grabbed a duck while I was in the swamp, that would have earned me a treat instead of a bath but his yelling scared all the ducks away.

This was our third trip to the park in two days. Yesterday when we went into the swamp our human got all upset, he called us back, then when we came running he told us to stay away from him. He is difficult to understand. We only wanted to share the nice mud with him; we had lots of it on us to share. He looks good with doggy paw prints all over him. He took us home and gave us a bath.

Two baths in two days is probably a new record. We smelled wonderful when we came out of the swamp. He gave us a bath with scented shampoo and we ended up smelling like sissy dogs. The perfume alone would have been enough reason for us to jump into the mud. I hope we wants to work on voice commands again, the park is sure fun!


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  1. Thanks for participating in the Canine Carnival this week, Mogley! :)