Friday, January 18, 2008

Goldens Win Again

The hits just keep on coming. The AKC released its listing of the most popular dogs in the country and Golden Retrievers came in 4th. Visit their site to see the actual rankings and you can click on your city to see how we fared in your particular location.

Honolulu got it right. Golden Retrievers are ranked number one. I am sure the rest of the country will catch up some day. They probably need lots of balls rescued from the surf which is why Retrievers are cherished, or it could be they just have a better appreciation of beauty. I could see myself running in the surf or lounging under a palm tree with a young lady in a bikini scratching my ears or rubbing my tummy. Oops, I am infringing on my humans dreams; I could get in trouble for that.

Let us recap. The annual Eukanuba Most Beautiful Dog contest voted Golden Retrievers as number one. The AKC ranks us from number one to number four (depending on location) on the national most popular dog listing. The scientists that conducted a study of dog IQ, ranked us number four based on our ability to follow commands, but they forgot to add in our ability to communicate through our typing skills. We will be ranked number one on the IQ scale once they find out that Golden Retrievers can blog.

I want to point out a small problem. With Golden Retrievers being the most beautiful and the most popular, why don’t the humans put a mirror down where we can see it? I hope my human reads this and corrects the situation. Receiving that many accolades makes it hard to be humble. I hope they don’t have a contest to see which dog is the most vain, because in my humble opinion, Golden’s would place dead last.

Foxhounds placed last on the popularity ranking of 157 recognized AKC breeds. I wonder if we should have a telethon to raise money and raise awareness of their plight, helping to raise them up the chart? Where is Jerry Lewis when you need him?

Mogley G. Retriever

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