Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wet and Wild!

Today we had another trip to 12 mile park, another run in the fields and streams. It was a wonderful, warm spring day, just the right kind of day to go exploring. The human did something he called “playing hooky” from work, and took us to the park to run. The stream was running high with spring run off; the water was over the banks and up in the trees. It is so much fun to run in the trees, through the water, and then jump into the big pools where it is deep enough to swim. What a way to spend a day.

Bella and I had a wonderful time running, splashing and playing. The human sat on a fallen log and let us play as long as we wanted to play. When it was finally time to go home we were so tired we slept in the back of the SUV. Fun does have a price, when we got home we were so wet and muddy that we had to have a bath. We had the good “wild” smell for a while, but all good things must pass. Now, after a wonderful day, we smell like sissy flowers instead of wild woods and muddy streams.

I hope you get to run in the wet woods, it makes wonderful dreams.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley you certainly are a lucky dog that you get to run in the water and get all muddy and dirty. We love to play in the streams too but sometimes the tide is too high for us. And we too love our great stink after a good day outside. Our big sister tells us we are stinky dogs and we try to tell her that she stinks like girly flowers. I just cant help but to lick that flowery lotion off her skin however...

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