Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adopting Miss Daisy:

A Letter from Daisy’s foster family to her future Forever Family: Photos below.

Daisy Duke is too good to be true. She is absolutely beautiful in appearance and behavior. Seldom do you have a young dog (16 months) that is so well behaved that you think she is much older. She does not have the puppy tendencies to mouth everything, to jump on people to welcome them or to tear things up, although her own toys are fair game. She has passed her level one obedience; she remembers it and even has her diploma. Tell her to sit or lie down and she does. She has the official "House Cat Seal of Approval" issued by all three resident cats. She is housebroken and asks at the door to be let out, she has mastered dog doors and really likes her freedom of movement. She is a lover and would gladly be a lap dog, but only if you first extend an invitation. She is a beautiful lady with impeccable manners, her coat is very nice, and her face is very expressive. She can ask questions with her eyes and ears.

When the door bell rings she will bark twice at the door, once she has performed her official guard dog duties she will run and hide. When she meets you and sniffs you, she will be your buddy. She is cautious about new things, so take it slow with her in a new environment. Let her get acquainted at her own pace.

She is a very big dog, she is 75 pounds now and she has not filled out fully. She lived with two small children and she would knock them over from exuberance. She has a huge amount of energy and keeping the cork in the bottle will require a family that is very active, but you needed exercise anyway didn’t you? She will need a good assortment of toys, she is a play girl. Fetch is one of her best games, so have a strong throwing arm. She keeps bringing balls to my chair to throw, if you ignore her she will fill up your chair. Remember she has a very high energy level and she will not allow you to ignore her.

Miss Daisy does not do crates, cages, runs or chain tie-outs. She needs to be a full fledged member of the family. If that is not what you want, go to the local dog pound for your adoption, that is not the way to treat a Golden Lady.

She needs regular spa treatments, she likes to look her best. Tummy rubs and ear scratches help her relax after a hard day. We will miss her a lot when she goes to her forever home. We hope her new family appreciates the gem that they will have. Take care of her and give her extra love, she is a very special Golden Retriever!

Thank you,
Foster Parents

We have posted a few pictures of Daisy below for all to enjoy:

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  1. I wish Daisy all the luck in finding a wonderful home and family! She is such a beautiful dog. Good Luck, and have fun playing around with her Mogley!!!