Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Four dogs, two dogs, then three dogs

It was getting lonely around here. Piper and Emma went home on Tuesday. That leaves just Bella and me, alone. The picture below shows Piper and me with the best tug-o-war toy there is, a piece of large rope with knots tied in it. It has lasted for a long time and it gives room enough for all four of us to tug at once.
While Bella and I run and play together, it was so much more fun when there were four of us. I complained to my human, he told me that he would arrange for some company. Wednesday we took a ride in the car to meet Daisy Duke. Daisy was a surrender dog that we are going to foster to learn about her and help match her to her perfect new home. Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) had made arrangements. The family surrendering Daisy was very sad to see her go, but Daisy had proven to be more dog than they could handle. “More dog” means she is 75 pounds now and still not filled out. With two small children in the home, an active 75 pound, 16 month old dog was more than they could handle. No one was home most of the day and the Daisy had too much energy built up by the time they got home. The picture below is our first portrait together. I (Mogley) am on the left with Daisy in the center and Bella laying down.
Daisy was very shy at first, even scared of the two of us. We wrestle and fight constantly, at first she just watched us from the distance. Then she tentatively joined in. In less than an hour she was in the middle of a three way wrestle match. Bella is on the left, I am in the center, Daisy is on the right, with her new pink collar.
I am a little jealous, my human described Daisy as “The perfect dog.” I thought I was the perfect dog! He told the rescue people that Daisy was very healthy, very beautiful, and very active; she has had her basic obedience training and has the certificate to prove it. She does not jump up on people, she is very well mannered. Well mannered, but very energetic! Daisy gets along with children and she is cat friendly, the three resident cats have already approved her.

I will let you know what happens. Tune in for more exciting stories from the home of Daisy, the foster dog. If it is anything like the last foster visitors, Daisy will not be here long. Allie was here less than two days and she was adopted, Stella was here four days and she was adopted. I will probably just get to play well with Daisy and she will go to her forever home also. Go to the GRRR web site, there is a link on the left of the web site, help Daisy find her forever home!

Licks, wags and wiggles.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley -- you have so much fun at your house! Daisy sounds perfect and so do you and Bella. We LOVE your blog; you are the best Golden blogger ever. Keep up the great work

  2. Ohhh, I hope Daisy finds a wonderful forever home. It breaks my heart when stupid people surrender dogs after their "puupyhood" is over and they are big.

  3. Mogley I'm sure you're a perfect dog too. Wish Daisy good luck finding the perfect forever home for me - from one foster dog to another!

  4. It doesn't make them stupid, it makes them smart. Instead of the dog being abandoned.