Sunday, April 27, 2008

Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion

Scenes from the Golden Retriever of the Rockies Reunion picnic. If you had a Golden Retriever, you could have been here to play with us! What fun we had.

Let me go back to the beginning:
Today was a really busy day. Early in the morning I noticed a Golden Retriever on TV. The local Channel 7 morning news broadcast was showing a Golden Retriever and one of the volunteers was talking about how Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies rescues Goldens, and how they place them with new forever homes. It was the first time I had ever watched the news with interest.

Bella and I were loaded in the car to go to the reunion picnic. I was a little worried, my human told me it was a combination reunion and dog swap meet, and he was going to swap Bella and I off for a new dog. I don't think GRRR would let him do that, still he has been acting strange lately.
We arrived at the Agility Center where the picnic was being held, along with over 100 other Golden Retrievers. Boy was it fun to see everyone in one place and to get to play together. You can see from the pictures how many dogs were playing. We even had a wading pool so we could play in the water. Tennis balls were flying and dogs were running after the balls and after each other. What a good time we all had! Luckily the human took a few pictures to show you what it was like. I got grumpy after a while and they made me wear my leash. Still it was a fun day.
It was fun watching people who were at their first picnic. Those of us that come regularly wear a colored scarf so we stand out. Several humans were wandering around trying to read name tags on collars, trying to find their own Golden in a sea of Golden Retrievers. We suspect that some people never did identify their own dogs in the middle of the mass of running and playing dogs, they had to wait until everyone left, then they took the Goldens that were left over home with them.
Allie was there, her new owner has a wonderful place for a Golden Retriever. She shares her new home with horses and she gets to ride in the little trotting cart behind the horses when they exercise. She has her own pond and stream to swim in. She was the envy of all the other dogs. It is so heart warming to hear about the success of the Golden Retriever Rescue placement program. Good homes for good dogs!
We still don't have another foster, but one will be coming soon. Keep tuned for more excitement.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley -- what a GRRR8 party! Did you get to play with Miss Daisy? The pics are wonderful -- so much action! We love your blog.

  2. The first thing I wanted to do was to thank the author for making such a beautiful blog!
    Thank you very much for the pictures which are on the page. They are splendid!

  3. Oh my God I have never seen so many Goldens! What a sight! Glad you had fun Mogley :)

  4. Oh my God I have never seen so many Goldens in one place at one time. That is AWESOME!