Friday, April 11, 2008

Perfect Dog?

I knew I would win. My human thought the visiting foster dog, Daisy Duke, was the perfect dog. I used to be the perfect dog, then she came. I knew she was on her best behaviour for the first few days, then the real Daisy would appear. He wrote a flowery letter to tell perspective forever home's how wonderful she was. The truth is now out. She is not the perfect dog.

Daisy mastered the dog door today, she spent most of her time just going in and out. She liked the freedom that the door gave her to do as she wished. Daisy has made friends with the cats, including Buddy, "Buddah" Cat. The picture below is why we call him Buddah Cat.

Daisy is a fetch-a-holic. She does a good job of catching balls in the air, she would probably make a good Frisbee dog. She brings balls to him all day long. At first it is fun, but after a few hours the human was tired. If he ignores one ball, she brings another, then another. Soon his chair is full and she is shoving the balls towards him, insisting he play. Us perfect dogs know when enough is enough!

I ran outside to have a drink from the Koi pond, Daisy followed me and was a little too curious. I tried to tell her it was too cold to go swimming, but Daisy had to test the water. The human looked out the window just in time to see Daisy walk down the steam and swim across the pool, climbing out dripping wet on the other side. With snow on the ground the human was worried about Daisy freezing. He grabbed a bunch of towels and started drying her off. All he did is make a wet dog that smells like fish into a damp dog that smells like fish. So now we have to sleep with fish smells all night. At least it is better than sleeping with the sissy smell of the new shampoo.

Earlier we went down to the big dog park. At first Daisy was on a leash while the human tested if she would come back when called. After a few tests, Daisy was allowed to run free. We did not run very far, it was still very cold out, snow was still covering the ground and the wind was blowing. It was fun for us all to run and sniff. Daisy needs some more work on the leash, she likes to pull a little.

We do have some people that are intersted in giving Daisy a Forever Home. The GRRR people are checking them out to make sure they are good people. Then we will take Daisy to meet them to see if she approves. Wish us luck on our quest and click on a link to the left to visit the GRRR web site to see how you can help.

Barks and wiggles to all,

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Dear Mogley,

    You and your human and Golden family sure make me smile and laugh with your grrreat adventures and amazing photos.

    You are pawsome!

    Woof Wag Wag Woof!!

    Cheyanne the Golden

  2. Sounds like Daisy is getting more and more comfortable. She is partaking in normal Golden antics now! Swimming in ponds, bringing balls to humans, and pulling on leashes. Glad to see Daisy is so happy!

  3. I think it's better to sleep with the fish smells than to "sleep with the fishes!"