Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Visit to the Vet

Having three friends to wrestle with is great. I can get a fight going any time of the day or night. This photo shows Piper biting my leg while Bella bites me on the elbow. Emma is just standing there, she is probably afraid she will mess up her hairdo.

With spring coming on we spend more time outside running and wrestling. The human even locks us outside sometimes so we will get more fresh air. Here is a picture of Bella trying to push me around. I fought back and gave her a big shove, then I opened my mouth and showed her what big teeth I have. I am doing my Kujo impersonation.

I am spending a huge amount of time visiting veterinarians. Tuesday morning Piper and I went to the Arvada West Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Carpenter takes special care of me, he is the first vet I saw after I was rescued from the veterinarian that was going to put me to sleep. He is also the one that gave Piper some little pills that make her feel better when he diagnosed her with Addison's disease. So we dogs all like going to see him.

My human tired to be funny, it was April Fools day, he tried to convince the nurse that we were two Golden St. Bernard's, here for our growth hormone shots. No one believed him, his lips were moving.

Piper had her medicine reduced, she gets smaller pills now, they are almost as small as mine. Piper still has to have a monthly shot, but that makes her feel better so it is worth it. Piper was given a new medicine to cure something called Demodex. It is a tiny mite that grows on her skin because the medications she takes for her Addisons suppresses her immune system. She had several bare spots on her skin and she was itching. Apparently it is not contagious, but it is able to grow when the immune system is not working well. They explain all of this so well that even my human could understand.

My visit to the vet did not change anything for me. They still won't tell me why I have to go to so many different vets so often. They gave me a heart worm medicine so I won't catch any thing nasty this summer if a mosquito bites me. I can't complain, they give me good treats and head pats. Why do the veterinarian offices all have better tasting treats than I get at home? The nurses even took me out for a walk when I was getting fidgety and tired of waiting for my human chauffeur to show up in the car. This picture shows me, Piper and Bella with our heads out the window leaving the Vet's office, heading home.
Dogs should get their own cars, we spend too much time waiting for a human to take us to the dog park. They always want to leave before I am tired of running and playing. If dogs had cars, there would be more windows in them, and the windows would open wider. Convertibles would be ideal, then we could get some wind in our ears.

Licks, Wiggles and wags;

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Oh my! Look at those ferocious teeth! When we play we like to show our teeth and chomp at each other!

    Benson and Gibson

  2. hey buddy,

    welcome to - it is great to meet you and I am sure you will make lots of new friends here :-)


  3. Welcome to Dogs With Blogs, Mogley! I just sniffed your blog and I love it! Nice to meet you! You´re a handsome boy!
    I´m a Golden from Brazil! I went to the vet last weekend and I don´t like this! Wow! Great idea we doggies to have a convertibles!! Can we be friends?
    I hope you have a nice weekend!