Monday, April 7, 2008

Muddy again!

We all got into trouble on Saturday. He took us down to the big park to get some exercise. He carefully took us to the opposite end of the park from the stream and the water. He said he did not have time to give all four of us baths. Some readers may not know that Emma can really run when she wants to, here she is trying to catch up with us after we headed for the far end of the park and she was afraid she was being left behind.

As soon as we could get away we headed as fast as we could run for a swampy wet place that he did not even know about. There was an old drainage ditch that did not have any water in it, but there was still a thick layer of gooey, smelly, thick, black mud. Mud that got between our toes, mud that worked into our fur, mud that took two shampoo washes to get out. Mud that we tracked into the SUV when we climbed in to go home. My paw prints are on the front seat. Boy mud is fun!
After our baths, we had to spend the day inside to dry, it was getting chilly outside. I don't understand, we run and play in the snow and freezing water, but after they wash us with warm water they don't think we can go outside until we are totally dry. Strange.

Licks, wags and wiggles.

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. HAHA! Mogley you and your pals are hilarious. Such swamp dogs we goldens are...

    We left you a present over at our place. Come and check it out! (Sorry its not cookies or bones or anything...)