Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snow Dogs

This morning we woke up to snow on the ground and more falling. With Daisy visiting us as a foster dog, I had hoped for a nice warm day to run and play. Instead we get new white snow to romp in. The top picture shows Daisy attacking Bella. We ran and played in the fresh snow until we got too cold and wet, then we went in the house and dried ourselves on the humans’ trouser legs. I have posted a few pictures of the three of us rough housing in the snow and in the house. The two pictures of Daisy Duke alone are for her scrapbook.

In the photo above, Daisy is showing me her Kujo imitation. She is on top of me, Bella is in the rear and I am on the floor. Daisy is doing well, she continues to show her nice manners, at dinner time she eats slowly and daintily, no food aggression. We all eat out of our own bowls, no grabbing or pushing for food. Daisy is very shy, when strangers come to the door she barks once and then runs to hide. It takes her a while to accept new people.
Mini black cat likes to run in front of us and get a chase going when she is bored. Daisy is more than willing to play that game. We enjoy having Daisy; I am going to ask my human to stall putting Daisy on the adoption web site so we can have more time together. We want to find her the perfect forever home, but not right away, we are having too much fun! Whoever adopts Daisy Duke needs to have a super lot of energy because she is a bundle of play. He says if he stalls then he may not give her up, she is so sweet, so he does not want to stall. If you know someone that needs the perfect dog, go to the GRRR web site and visit us.

Happy tails to you,

Mogley G. Retriever

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