Thursday, April 17, 2008

Squirrels in trees amd Fleas in Keyboards

If you are wondering what is so interesting in the tree, scroll down the page and see. This is how we spend our days. Chasing squirrels and fetching Frisbees.

The resident human told me that the computer keyboard has fleas again. That is the excuse he uses whenever the computer does not work right. Then he blames me for the fleas. I did not think it was fleas at all, I think it was because Bella and I had a tug-o-war with that thingy with the wires that comes out of the back of the computer.

He took the computer to the shop and the service man pointed to teeth marks in something called the power supply, apparently it was that warm square thing with the wires. Now they are going to blame me for tearing up the power supply. It is not fair, they just don't make computers like they used to when I was a pup.

Please forgive my typing. The computer that is normally on the fireplace hearth where I can reach it is dead, he is out shopping for a new one. Meanwhile I have to use the big desk top machine and the keyboard is too high in the air for me to use very well. It is hard to type and read the screen at the same time when I have to stand on my hind legs to get to it. I will be back as soon as the new computer arrives. He is threatening to keep the new one our of my reach. He would not do that, would he?

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Aww squirrels, i wonder if there is any up in the tress down the other side of our fence. I've never chased squirrels before, it looks like fun, are they fast. I have a frisbee but i dont really play with it, i like playing with my ball.

    lots of licks


  2. We only got to see a squirrel once at a park. We three chased after it & the poor furball was squealing away & then managed to slip through behind of us & run away. Boohoo! We almost got it!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer