Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Democracy is not that great, for dogs!

I am not sure I like this Democracy thing. Bella and I told the human that the vote was two to one for him to take us to the big park so we can run. He told us that if we wanted rule by Democracy, we could have it. He said that it was the rule that votes were taken by a show of hands. Since we don't have hands we don't get to vote. That was very unfair of him, we pushed for a vote by a show of paws. Following that standard, Bella and I rolled over and showed him the vote was eight to nothing to go for a run in the park. He agreed but warned us that voting by a show of paws was going to get us in trouble. After we came back from the run we asked when our new foster buddy was coming to visit?

The picture shows me voting my four paws for another foster to come visit.
He said "that has to be put to a vote." We called for a vote by a show of paws as to whether or not to allow another foster dog to come live with us. He called the three cats in and they voted as a block, the vote was twelve to eight against having another dog come stay. We were devastated. Then he suggested that if we agreed to stop eating all the catnip toys, maybe the cats would relent and allow a new dog to visit. We each made a solemn pledge not to eat all of the catnip toys, if the cats would vote with us to allow a new dog in the house. So we were given a small victory. We can have more foster dogs, but they have to agree not to chase the cats and none of us can eat cat toys.
Below is a picture of Bella trying to influence one of the cats (Mini) to vote with the dogs.
This Sunday, April 27th is the GRRR reunion party for all of us rescue dogs. We are really excited about being able to see all of our friends again. We can run and play together while the humans do whatever humans do at these kind of things. Mostly they eat, drink and yell at us when we are running or playing too hard. Humans must put a quota on fun and once we exceed our quota for the day they make us come and lie at their feet. I will probably exceed my quota in the first half hour. I may be lying on the hard concrete for a long time.

See you all there!

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. Voting with paws is a very good idea! Maybe I should try that with my M one of these days.