Sunday, April 20, 2008

Missing Miss Daisy

Several people have asked me about Miss Daisy Duke. I had not written about Daisy because I am very sad that she left, and my computer caught a bad case of fleas in the keyboard. Or maybe there was fleas in the power supply?

Daisy has a new home, a family with a nice place with lots of green grass to run in. Two teenage children to spoil her, and several friends in the neighborhood already. I miss her terribly, she was lots of fun to play with. My human keeps reminding me that being a foster dog friend means we have to take in dogs that need help, find them homes, then turn them over so there is room for another foster dog in our home. We think there will be another dog (or two?)coming Monday or Tuesday, so I won't be lonely long. Still, it is very hard to give up a friend that you enjoy so much. Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, GRRR, has over 30 Goldens in the system at any given time. Over 30 dogs a month come in and are placed in new homes. All by volunteers who give their time, their homes and their love to dogs in need.

Piper and Emma are staying with me to help me get over missing Miss Daisy. They will be here for another day and then their parents come back from a wedding at Georgetown and they can go back home. Piper and I play well, so I still have someone to play with after Bella tires out.

The last word we had from Daisy's home was that they were taking Daisy down to the pet store so she could pick out some new toys. Daisy's new parents sent Bella and me each a can of new tennis balls and a large box of treats to help us get over our loneliness. I have never played with a brand new tennis ball before, I have always had second hand tennis balls. We each got a sample of the new treats, they were yummy. Thank you, we now have something to remember Daisy by.

Each foster dog that has come through our lives has made an impact and left behind wonderful memories. We wish we could keep them all, but giving up friends to wonderful families is a reward as well. Daisy's new family was so thrilled with her, and so happy to have a Golden in their lives again. They understand how special Daisy was. My human says that being a foster parent is wonderfully rewarding and terribly heart breaking.

We all wish Daisy a great life.
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Dear Mogley,
    You are a fine fellow, helping your humans with volunteer work for foster Goldens.
    Daisy and her new humans will remember you and your love and kindness forever and ever.
    The GRRR reunion will be extra special!

    Wag Woof Woof Wag,

  2. Mogley

    Bless your humans for having the hearts that they do... it is absolutely wonderful what they do for goldens, the sweetest breed of dog there is in the world.

    You only miss Daisy becuase you love her so much! Just think how happy she is now! And Im sure she misses you too. Maybe you can have a play date sometime!!!

    Be sure to tell your humans what wonderful people they are for all that they do for our homeless goldens... :)