Sunday, May 25, 2008

Five Best Friends!

It has been several days since I wrote for my blog, it has been busy with all of my friends having a sleep over. We took a few pictures so you can see what fun it is to have so many friends playing together. Thelma is learning how to be a family member. She has learned to chew only on chew toys, she has several favorite ones, she has also learned the difference in the couches and chairs. There is only one couch and one chair that dogs are allowed to lay on. Every day she obeys her commands better and she is showing how smart she is by learning quickly. Playing is the best, we can have rough and tumble times in the yard where several of us are chasing at the same time. The photos above only show four dogs, Emma does not like the rough and tumble play, she finds a safe place and watches from the sidelines. Below we are sitting like good dogs, waiting for our treat. Our human says we look like a nest full of hungry baby birds, with out the nest.

Thelma still has not found a new home. Apparently there is no demand for beautiful, well behaved, silky coated black dogs. We keep hoping that a new family comes forward. While we are waiting, Thelma is becoming a member of our family, she is fitting in so well that the humans are even talking about how happy they are that she is still here. We love her more every day, and she is becoming happier and more outgoing. She came to us as a scared, homeless, foster dog from the rescue, now she has her own food bowl, her own toys, and her own bed.

Keep reading, I will tell you what happens.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I would love to add Thelma to my house Mogley but we are all they way in Virginia and are about out of room for doggies. I hope you find her a good home soon... although maybe she should stay and be your permanent playmate!

  2. Maybe Thelma will be there furever? I bet it's fun to have playmates 24/7. I only get to see my friends a few hours at the park, provided it doesn't rain!