Friday, May 16, 2008

Peanut Butter Trouble!

My loyal readers know that I, Mogley, am one of the worlds best behaved dogs. Twice a day all dogs get a peanut butter treat while I get my pill. Often when we are good and obey our commands, we get a lick of peanut butter instead of a dog bone as a reward. So there is always a jar of peanut butter somewhere in the house. Being the good dog that I am, I leave it alone, I know better. But Thelma is new to peanut butter treats and new to the rules of the house. Here is a picture of Thelma hiding in her Safe Place.

This evening when my human came home with some guests to show them what good dogs we are, they walked in the door and they smelled peanut butter, everywhere. Thelma had gotten the treat jar, which was almost empty, and chewed the cap off of it, then opened up the plastic bottle and cleaned it out. I helped a little, I did not want the carpet to get stained so I cleaned up after Thelma. Meanwhile she got on the counter, found a brand new bottle and took it into the back yard. She had just gotten the cap off of it when the humans arrived back home. Thelma was the last one to greet the humans at the front door, she had been in the back yard with the full bottle. When they figured out what had happened they immediately smelled our breath to see who had Peanut Butter breath. Thelma had peanut butter breath, and she had peanut butter all over her nose, up to her eyes. Bella was the only one that passed the test, she had dog breath, but no peanut butter breath to make her guilty.

Boy did we get yelled at. That is when Thelma went into her safe place and hid. Luckily the humans did not stay mad for long, they took us outside and threw balls and Frisbees for us to chase, they wanted to wear us out so we would stay out of mischief. Besides, they have a hard time staying angry at Thelma, she is so pretty and so loving. When you are that pretty and that nice you can get away with a lot, boy will Thelma and I have fun now!

Tune in again tomorrow for more exciting adventures with Thelma.

Mogley G. Retriever

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