Monday, May 19, 2008

Working Dog!

I am a working dog. I work very hard for my dog food and an occasional chew treat. Even worse, I have to start work very early in the morning. I am usually at work by 6:00 A.M. Below is the picture of me working early in the morning bringing in the morning paper. Then my human sits down, puts his feet up and reads the paper while he drinks his morning coffee.

In spite of my hard work fetching papers, fetching tennis balls, fetching Frisbees, and fetching sticks, I get only occasional treats. That is why I like having help. Now that Thelma is here, she is working as an understudy to take over my fetching duties and give me a little rest.

Thelma is a great assistant and she is learning very fast. It is time to start looking for her forever home, she has been here long enough to settle down, she has learned some manners, mastered a couple of tricks, now it is time for her to move on in her life. Tomorrow I will try to put up a bio of Thelma, telling her whole story and helping a perspective new human meet her as a prospective new best friend. Tune in tomorrow for the whole picture.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Oh no! I hope my M doesn't decide that I have to bring in the papers too. Luckily our papers are not wrapped in plastic, so I think my MM won't appreciate a drool covered read.

  2. Mogley -- you are the GRRREATEST! Keep up the good work, showing Thelma the ropes and all about human training. You make us laugh every day!
    Wag Wag Woof Woof,

  3. Hi Mogley!! It's so great to meet you......we found you through DWB. We look forward to following your blog :)

    The Zoo Crew