Sunday, May 11, 2008

Piper and Emma

Update on Piper and Emma. Piper has made a great recovery. Piper has Addison's disease and her immune system is very weak. She takes lots of medications and has to have a shot as well. With her weakened state, she came down with Mange. She has been on medication for her mange since April first. She now has hair! She has always had very thin hair on her back and sides, with almost no hair under her chin and down her tummy. Suddenly she has a good coat all over. It has not grown out long yet, but it is getting thicker and she is looking much better. She will soon be looking like a real Golden Retriever. She has much more energy and plays harder. Emma is still Emma, she is a good friend, but not into playing and romping very much.

We took the fiberglass dog house over to Molly. She probably won't use it any more than we did, but maybe she will find a use for it. She has easy access to her house, there is a large porch, and she is never left outside for long. She came inside wet one day, they worried about her until they realized that the lawn sprinklers had come on while she was out, she had played in them. The dog house gives her one more place to go if she wants to.

We still do not have a foster Golden, we have helped move a dog, but we don't have one to stay yet. We keep hoping for a new playmate. Keep tuned, someone will be by soon.

Mogley G. Retriever

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