Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thelma's Story

Thelma is the current foster visitor at my house. She is a wonderful companion and I will hate to see her go but we all understand that having a foster dog friend from the rescue is only temporary. The goal is to find a new Forever-Home. Sign on to the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies web site at http://www.goldenrescue.com/ and apply to adopt her. She is so special to us, we want to find her the perfect home.

Thelma and Louise were picked up as free running dogs in New Mexico. After several side trips they arrived at the GRR rescue in Golden Colorado. We think she is Golden and Labrador Retriever. We made her an honorary Golden Retriever. Thelma and Louise were treated by the veterinarians, spayed and prepared for their new life. They had a very high level of energy, they are estimated at 7-9 months old, they are puppies that have had a tough start on life. Thelma had kennel cough and she had trouble eating due to her stomach upset. Louise had already been adopted and Thelma was very alone and scared. What she needed was a chance to settle down, learn some manners and be evaluated for adoption.
Thelma has been a delight to have in our home. She is very active with a high energy level. At the same time, she can settle down and be very tranquil and well behaved when needed. She does not jump up on visitors, she does not get aggressive towards food or toys. She plays very well with her step brother, me, and step sister, Bella. At first she found a safe place in the house, she needed the comfort of a quiet corner. Now she is ready to run and play whenever she gets the chance. She is working on learning sit and stay. She is pretty good on the leash, she does not tug but she does get excited about other dogs going by. She is good with dog doors, she loves the freedom of coming and going when she wants to. She sleeps very quietly beside the bed.

We are convinced that she is older because she can be so calm when she wants to be loved. Her greatest skill is giving love and licks. Thelma is a lover, she will beg for attention, she will slip her head under your hand while you are reading, she will try and crawl up into your lap, very slowly so you won't notice the 70 pound dog now laying on you. She will mouth your hand to remind you that you have stopped petting her. She needs attention and when she gets it, she becomes very quiet and appreciative. She needs attention so badly that she will be very easy to train. She will do almost anything for a pat on the head. A hand full of dog treats is good, but a ear scratch or a tummy rub is heaven for Thelma. She pays close attention because she is working hard for your approval. She is very attuned to your tone of voice and hand motions, discipline is not needed with Thelma, she is motivated by love. A strongly worded "No" sends her into depression, a pat on the head brings bliss.

Her new family has to remember that she still has the puppy tendency to chew and lick. She is still a puppy and she needs to work her jaws. You may not have noticed, but dogs don't have fingers. They use their mouths to test things and to feel with. Mouthing is a very normal action and means she is learning and testing the world around her. That is why we give her special chew treats to work her jaws and give her an activity. She is an excellent watch dog, she barks when she is supposed to, she does not bark just to be heard. It will take a week or more for her to learn the rules of your home, then she will settle in and be an outstanding companion. Plan on doing some walking to keep her exercised, she will help you keep fit as well. We hope you will consider making Thelma an offer for a Forever Home. Help us find a wonderful home for this lovely lady.

Thank you,

Mogley G. Retriever

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