Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pool is open!

Things have been quiet around here, at least it was quiet until they uncovered the swimming pool. Several times over the winter I had been yelled at for running across the pool cover while it was frozen. When spring came I continued to run across it until I finally fell in. Once I had fallen through the canvass cover they took the cover all the way off. Apparently the humans put the cover on the pool to collect the dirty water, mud, leaves and trash that blow in all winter long, they then clean it off and clean water is underneath. When I broke a hole in it, all the dirt, mud, leaves and trash ended up in the pool. The pool is very dirty and brown colored now, with undefined things floating in it. The human thinks this is a bad thing. We went through several rounds of "bad dog" complete with finger shaking and gruff voices. I thought the pool was broken.

When I went into the house to show them that the pool still worked, they got real upset. I was just demonstrating to them that the water was Golden Retriever colored. The pool still worked just fine, swimming worked and the water was still wet. As a bonus, the golden colored pool water matches the carpet. They don't see things from the same viewpoint that I have. They got out the towels and dried me off, then closed the dog door so I can't run in and out when I am wet. They warned me that if I try to come in when I am wet they will lock me out.

There is nothing like an early morning swim to perk a fellow up. I will have exclusive use of the pool for a while, at least until they clean it up. I do wish they would turn the heater on, it is a little cool yet. it looks like a wonderful summer is on the way.

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. That's strange, why are they so upset about having a pool to match your color? It's much better than boring blue, right?

    I wish I have my own matching pool as well.