Friday, May 30, 2008

Dancing with Horses!

This morning the resident human drove us down to the big dog park. Thelma had to drag her leash, its a thing that the human does to make sure she comes when called, if not he has a chance of catching her. Thelma behaved so well that next time we go she can run without her leash. We had not been out for a run since Thelma arrived, we sure did enjoy it. We have a picture of Thelma meeting her first horse and several pictures of us running in the grass.

Piper and Emma went home on Monday, leaving Bella, Thelma and I alone. We had a quiet week. Wednesday Piper and I had to go to the vet for another check up. They gave me a "booster" shot, I did not like that too well. They gave me some good dog treats, that was pretty good.

Thelma still has not gotten an offer for a Forever Home. We can't understand why people are not fighting to give this wonderful girl a great home. This morning we finally received an e-mail that told us someone was going to meet with Thelma and see if they were a match. Thelma is happy, but sad to think about losing her friends. We have had a good time playing together. We will miss her if she gets adopted, but we know she needs a stable and long term home. We are all getting too attached, that makes it harder for her to make the transition to a new home.

Then more news, we are getting another foster dog this evening. There will be four of us for a while until Thelma finds her new home. Keep reading there will be news to share over the weekend.

Mogley G. Retriever

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