Friday, May 23, 2008

5 Good Dogs

My human has his doubts about there being 5 good dogs in the house, but we took a vote, it was 20 paws against 2 hands that we were all good dogs. In the photo you see me, Mogley, up front, behind me is Thelma, the honorary Golden Retriever, Emma, Piper and Bella on the front right. Emma and Piper came to visit for a few days, their humans are off to something called a wedding, so we get to have fun for four days.

Last night it was quiet while we all got reacquainted, it had been a few weeks since we had all played together. Thelma had not met Emma and Piper before, but she quickly welcomed them as friends. This morning Thelma and Piper were playing and they took a shortcut through the Koi pond again, the humans locked the wet dogs outside till they could dry off. We posed for the picture above to show the world what fun we have, Piper looks like she is still wet.
Thelma is still looking for her Forever Home. If you have time, go to to read more about Thelma or any of the 30 Golden Retrievers that are currently looking for new homes. You may fill out an adoption form on line and make an appointment to meet Thelma. You may also donate to this all-volunteer 501c3 organization on-line; the money will be used to pay the expenses of rescuing over 400 dogs this year. It takes a lot of veterinarian bills, lots of food, leashes, collars, ID chips, and toys, not to mention the cost of "bailing" many of us out of doggy jail. When a Golden ends up in a shelter anywhere for hundreds of miles, the rescue jumps to rescue them immediately. Help us keep this good work going!

Thank you,

Mogley G. Retriever

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