Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun with Thelma

Having Thelma, the rescue foster dog, in the house sure is fun. We are having even more fun that our human wants us to have. Below is a family picture, Bella is lying down, with Thelma and I behind her. Thelma is the "Honorary" Golden Retriever in the picture.

How much fun are we having you may ask? Last evening Mini cat was sitting beside the swimming pool looking at the water. Thelma and I came up behind her and goosed her, pushing her into the pool. Mini somehow went into 6 feet of water, and came out in an instant with only her feet wet. Then Mini took off running across the lawn with Thelma and I in hot pursuit. That was fun! The bad news is that a human was watching and Thelma and I got yelled at a lot! The whole "bad dog" thing again, with shaking fingers and gruff words. It was worth it. Below is a picture of Mini cat, now dry, in the house.
Thelma is looking pretty sad in the following picture, she is learning "sit-stay" and she is having a hard time with the new commands. She hangs her head when she is unhappy. She does not care for doggy treats as much as she cares about praise. She gets very upset when she is told "no" and she is very happy when told she is a "good dog".
We are hoping that Thelma will be going to a "Forever Home" soon, she is so nice and special. She will make someone a wonderful lifetime companion. With her ability to learn fast and love of people she should be evaluated for becoming a "helper dog". No one has come forward, if you would like to help Thelma find her forever home, go to where you can sign up to adopt a rescue dog, or donate to help with the rescue program. Keep reading my blog to follow the adventures of Thelma as she searches for her "Forever Home".

Mogley G. Retriever

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